Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alice, in or out of Wonderland

Poor Alice. No character has been tampered with and rebooted quite as much as Alice. So I went to deviant art and typed in "Alice Wonderland" and here are some of the results. And I know I've said it before, but blogger has a lame image uploader. Click the picture to see it big and pretty.

By Auriethepixie. From an Alice photoshoot.

An Alice inspired porcelain doll, by Marina-B.

A vintage emo Alice, by Swissduchtess.

By slumberdoll. From an older-Alice photoshoot.

A more traditional Alice? By duss005.

An American McGee inspired Alice. By neofox.

By MirrorCradle. A clever Alice. (MirrorCradle is probably my all-time favorite Deviantarter. Please check out her whole gallery.)

If I can get through a SAT practice test, plus German and Geometry today, I'll reward myself by screencapping Farscape and making pumpkin pie. Listen to this song.

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