Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vancouver: It's pretty

I think if someone offered me one trip anywhere I'd pick Vancouver. (Europe not withstanding- if Europe was an option then I'd to go Greece in a heart beat.) My love affair began with Vancouver when I watched the first Twilight movie. (Go ahead and laugh haha.) All purty pics from Flickr.

I dunno, it's just so sparkly! (Which is why the Cullens live there, y/y?)
Today was so weird I can't even go into it here, because it would take to long to explain the weirdness of today. Long story short, I waited in Starbucks for about 3 hours, waiting for something that never happened. And I got soaking wet, obviously. And now I smell musty.


Brittany Ann said...

Vancouver is so pretty. Don't they film all the TV shows there? I know they used to film Smallville there...

Sabe said...

Basically every tv show i watch is filmed there. Smallville, Fringe, X-Files.. Battlestar and Caprica were/are filmed there too. some movies i love were also filmed there.