Thursday, April 1, 2010

Futuristic Sheath

According to sci-fi everyone is going to wear sheath dresses in the future. This is probably because sci-fi was birthed in the 60's, but whatever. I'm running with it.

Quintessential Six dress. She's so pretty...

I bet everyone on Old!Who wore these dresses.

Catherine Weaver worked those dresses like no one else in Scifidom.

Weird ribbons are futurish. Like in The Fifth Element, lol.

Hey Uhura. How do you get work done when dressed like that?

Everyone in Ray Bradbury stories dress like this I bet.

I don't even watch Caprica... but yeah, basically even in space they wear em.

Last night I had pumpkin pie. And watched Mulder do things. It was the best night ever. Cher is forever going to be associated with romance gazes and hick towns.
Then I went on Omegle and told someone what I had pumpkin pie and watched an X-File. They asked which episode it was and whether I had whipped cream. We talked for a while and then decided to disconnect because we liked each other too much. Technology is creepy.


Melissa said...

Technology is creepy. Although I do have an Internet friend I've known for 8 years and we've never met in person, but we talk online!

And whoa, Uhura's dress is SHORT!

Anonymous said...

I think that everyone wears them because they are SOOO stylish! And you will do great in the future because you look so awesome in them :D

I am actually getting really excited about X-files. I am going to start it right after Lost :D (or maybe if i can find it online i will watch the pilot before hand).

Sabe said...

oh girl, once you set eyes on the romance that is mulder and scully... i swear you will renounce all other relationships.