Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ode to Burgers

I can't believe I've had 216 posts on this blog, and not a one of them was dedicated fully to the wonder that are burgers. I mean, I must have had a serious lapse of judgment or something.

Burger King Burger

Diner Burger

Epic Burger

McDonald's Burger

Fancy Burger

Classic Burger

Thank you for you time.
P.S. Fandom Cage Match is really the best thing ever. The campaigns are laugh-out-loud hysterical. Since 99.999% of fandom is girls, they're trying to sway the vote by using sexy images of Tennant and Duchovny.
School and work today. But you may have assumed that. Real life is so awful.


Brittany Ann said...

Dude. That BK burger pic is such a lie...we all know BK burgers look like they were sat on in real life! But. UM. That epic burger is OMG!EPIC.

So I see that lately you've been saying the Internetz are better than real life...and you know what? You're right. btw though - why is it that you, your sister, me, and my sister have not really ever hung out in this real life? We should.

Sabe said...

Maybe in the midwest BK burgers are nicer, cause that pic was from someones flickr stream...

Regarding Internetz: The web is funny. Real life is seldom funny.

And yeah, we totally have to hang! Maybe in June when school/tests/finals are nice and DONE for a few months.

Anonymous said...

You tempt me so. Lent isnt over so i STILL cant eat red meat....But i DYING to have one of these. sigh.