Friday, March 5, 2010

Little Black Dresses

I love black clothes. Not for some emo reason, some goth reason, some I-like-Victorian-Gothic reason or because I want to look like a business professional. Black is just my favorite color, and about 75% of what I own is black.
Little black dresses are infamous, here is a variety of them.

This is mad sexy, and it looks comfortable too.

Of 1940's, I love you.

This dress is crazy, I love it.

The definition of a Little Black Dress.

I have such a soft spot for dressed like these...

Beautiful bodice.

Plain and simple and gorgeous.

In case you care, Kristen's Couple Showdown is down to 16. Only two are left that I care about, but your favorite might still be standing. (Also I'm loling that MS are "retro." What, the 90's are retro now?)
Yesterday was too much fun. I can skate on one foot, who knew? Also I watched the Kiss the Princess three-parter with my mom in the afternoon. I died laughing. Like every other scene. Only Farscape marries their main character off to a stranger, make them a statue, whacks their head off, throws them in acid, and still scrapes up a happy ending.
I made these awesome peanutbutter-orange cookies. Di immortales, they're good!

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