Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Minor Heartable Characters

This post probably won't interest you unless you watch the same shows as me... but here are my favorite minor characters from my favorite shows, most of who don't get loved nearly enough. So lots of huggles to you guys!

Seever, Life. She just flawlessly swept in after Dani's kidnapping, and was so adorable, so different. You never resented her for replacing Dani, she added so much to those last episodes.

Jack, Doctor Who. Minor? Yeah, technically. He's only had 10 episodes. I don't think I have to prove his awesome. He just is.

Dinah, Smallville. I want her fulltime, and I want her to hook up with Ollie, and Tess and Chloe will just have to deal.

Marita, X-Files. I've grown oddly attached to this lady. But when I tried to find her following in fandom, it was nonexistent.

Randy, Pushing Daisies. He's a taxidermist. Isn't that enough? Fans didn't really seem to like him, but to that I say gomf!

Savannah, T:tscc. This little girl made that show so amazing, and so much realer in her seven episodes.

Penny, LOST. She is a minor character, we forget that sometimes. She's just so dedicated and fierce and if she doesn't make one more appearance in this show I'm going to strangle Darlton.

Yesterday was all Fleet Foxes, crocuses, iced coffee, a window wide open. Spring was coming you guys. It was coming! Today... It's snowing. What up universe? That was a mean prank.
A Life re-watch is in order. I need more Ted and Olivia in my life.

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Anonymous said...

I agree the weather SUCKS!! it was SOO pretty yesterday and today is horrible!
Captain Jack= pure sexy awesomeness.