Monday, March 22, 2010

James, Sawyer, Mr. Pretty-Face, What You Will.

Sawyer. Ah, the man of the hour. The one character everyone can agree on. He reads books, holds babies, wears stripped shirts and is a con man and a cop at the same time. And he has pretty hair, a Southern drawl, and chemistry with everyone, even that log. So let's review some of Sawyer's most epic romances and bromances together.

Sawyer and Hurley.
Pork Pie. Jabba. IHOP. Deepdish. Snuffy. Pillsbury. Stay-Puft. You get the idea.

Sawyer and Jack.
If it wasn't for Kate always getting between them, I believe they could have had the best dynamic on the show. I love that scene of them together from the first season finale...

Sawyer and Sayid.
The second season and fourth seasons were filled with awesome Sawyer and Sayid moments. Take the two best characters and you get this.

Sawyer and Juliet.
You know what I think of this... two alpha's in a relationship just equals boring. Not to mention it proved that platonic relationships on LOST are as rare as loving daddies.

Sawyer and Cassidy.
I would be all over this, except for that Cassidy is completely awful. What sort of person gets their boyfriend sent to jail for being a conman and then runs around conning people yourself with the help of your ex-boyfriend's future girlfriend?

Sawyer and Kate.
Take all other potential love interests out of the picture, and Kate and Sawyer just fit. She was his first love, he was the first person to truly understand her. They have mutual respect for each other. She runs, he cons, and they both lie more then they tell the truth. I've shipped it since I was 12. You won't see me stopping any time soon.

Sawyer and Aaron.
Because he's so darn cute with babies. And because Aaron only shuts up when Sawyer reads aloud to him.

The library needs to hurry with my books.
I worked for 7 1/2 hours this morning, and my feet are killing me.
I love Geometry, and am scaring myself because I shouldn't like math.

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