Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Matt bless-his-heart Thiessen.

Well, he's awesome. He writes some of the best Christian lyrics, right up there with Nichole Nordeman and Jon Foreman. Their new album I didn't care for, but Two Lefts, MmmHmm, Bird and the Beesides and Five Score just never get old. I can safely say that Relient K is the only band I listened to when I was 11 and 12 that I still like now. And Matt Thiessen is just adorkable and Canadian, lol.

This is the quintessential MATT picture.

The band, obviously. But no one remembers them. If Matt really loved me he'd dump his band and do Matt Thiessen and the Earthquakes full-time.

He's just adorable, fosho.

"That night at the theater/An impersonator died/And Mr. Booth was tried/I just kept the truth inside/And in the courtroom the judge/Will not catch wind of this/Up there on stand I plead the fifth."

I've seen him in concert twice. Booth times he wore this shirt basically. Black and button down and probably from H&M.

"Who I am hates who I've been/And who I am will take the second chance you gave me/Who I am hates who I've been/Cause who I've been only ever made me..."
Pre-teen Christian Anthem, no?

I am going to walk to the library today and buy an iced cold beverage because I can.
I am listening to Sufjan Steven's Michigan like there is no tomorrow. Romulus is so amazing.
Scully lost to Wheodonites. So you won't have to suffer anymore Cage Match updates, lol.
I just created a Menz tag. It's something I've needed for a while I think.


Pixie Vixen said...

you totally have to explain this statement! "I am listening to Michigan like there is no tomorrow. Romulus is so amazing."

i'm obviously missing something 'cause Romulus (the place) is not so awesome. (sorry to all the romulans out there (whoa, that sounds very sci fi)).

anyway, i'm confused, so please unconfuse me. :)

Sabe said...

Lol, Michigan is an album by one of my favorite artists, Sufjan Stevens. Romulus is a song. I've got a youtube link to it embedded if you're interested.

Brittany Ann said...

I am inspired to dust off my Relient K CDs and put them on my iPod!

Pixie Vixen said...

makes a lot more sense! i'm at work so lots of stuff i want to look at is completely blocked (i.e. no youtube access)

i used to work in Romulus, and other than the Detroit Metro Airport and a couple restaurants, there's like nothing there. i hope the song is more exciting than the place. :)

when i get home (and free from the sensorship that is my job) i'll have to check it out! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares about the band? Excuse you? Lol.

Matt Hoopes is awesome!