Monday, March 8, 2010

Favorite Oscar Fashion 2010

Why not right? Why not. My blog. I'll blog what I want to.
Sadly, the fashion was SO LAME this year, I picked the few dresses that didn't have insane blobs of fabric exploding all over the place. (See: Zoe Saldana, JLo)

Carey Mulligan, you are the best thing alive. I preferred her BAFTA dress, but she looks amazing here too.

Diane, you are my fashion icon, don't ever change. And please, most of all, don't ever break up with Josh Jackson.

Girl, this is the nicest you've ever looked. It is however, begging for a necklace.

It's the accessories and her hair that I really love!

I hate Rachel McAdams, and this dress is not exactly event-appropriate, but it's so lovely, I'll let that all slide.

This dress was totally winner-worthy. She looked like an Oscar!

Scully beat Dean. It's a certified miracle.
Now it's Donna Noble vs Dana Scully. I love both of these fierce, redhead, science fiction ladies.
Either way, I need to stop caring so much about fictional characters whose shows are fineto. Haha, never gonna happen.

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Anonymous said...

Did you see the detail of Careys dress? The embellishments are little scissors, forks, and spoons! And Rachel McAdams dress is GORGEOUS! i love the color and the top. Sandra's dress was my favorite of them all. It was gorgeous, sexy, and age appropriate.