Sunday, March 14, 2010

Puerto Rican FOOD

I've been meaning to do this since I did my German food post, like a million months ago. Presenting, my Favorite Puerto Rican Food.

Flan. I have grown to love this over the years, although with my lactose issues, I can eat about two tablespoons before I die.

Arroz con Gandules. My great-aunt makes this soo good! And my mom recently tried it, and it came out awesome!

Pernil. OMG this STUFF. It's so rich and amazing.

Arroz con Pollo. My mom makes this so good.

Pasteles. I never used to like these, but two years ago at Christmas, I tried one again... and dude. T'was GOOD.

Beef Stew. My mom has such a great Puerto Rican stew recipe.

I finished Ender! (at like 12am. Curse you unputdownable book!) It was ammmazing! I kinda thought the aliens were going to be a big hoax or something. But Peter sparking a war so that he could write a peace treaty and take over was the best part.


Brittany Ann said...

OH GOSH YESSS. This post is such major win.

Puerto Rican food is so amazingly good and so under-appreciated. Pernil is the reason why I can never be a vegetarian....such a guilty pleasure. And OH pasteles are the food of the gods. They look NASTY, but taste DELICIOUS. (I'm hungry now.)

Brittany Ann said...

and oh gosh, Ender. I wish I was half as cool as Ender Wiggin.

Melissa said...

Mmm, yes. That beef stew looks so good. Hey, what about tostones??

Sabe said...

I've never been a big fan of tostones... but i don't really like anything bananaish in the first place. I love how they smell cooking though! <3