Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alice, in or out of Wonderland

Poor Alice. No character has been tampered with and rebooted quite as much as Alice. So I went to deviant art and typed in "Alice Wonderland" and here are some of the results. And I know I've said it before, but blogger has a lame image uploader. Click the picture to see it big and pretty.

By Auriethepixie. From an Alice photoshoot.

An Alice inspired porcelain doll, by Marina-B.

A vintage emo Alice, by Swissduchtess.

By slumberdoll. From an older-Alice photoshoot.

A more traditional Alice? By duss005.

An American McGee inspired Alice. By neofox.

By MirrorCradle. A clever Alice. (MirrorCradle is probably my all-time favorite Deviantarter. Please check out her whole gallery.)

If I can get through a SAT practice test, plus German and Geometry today, I'll reward myself by screencapping Farscape and making pumpkin pie. Listen to this song.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Books in March, 2010

This month I read soo much good stuff, I can't even! I'll ahead of time recommend everything to you. This was the best idea I've ever had, keeping track of what I read. It's been an awesome year so far. So here you are, all the fiction I read this month, in order of how I read them. And by fiction I mean pleasurable fiction, none of this is to improve my brain function, there is nothing impressive on these lists, lol!

1. The Tiger in the Well, Philip Pullman
This book was just wacky and charming. And I liked that, even though she loved him, Sally could move past Fred.

2. I Capture the Castle, Dodie Smith
This book was lovely of course. The most quotable book ever, and I really am just like Cassandra. Although less stupid maybe? Then again I'm not dirt poor.

3. The Tin Princess, Philip Pullman
JIM. I love Jim. This whole series has been the most charming portrayal of death and mayhem ever, I love it.

4. The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare, GK Chesterson
This book blew my mind. And then I recovered, and it blew up again. I really appreciated being a Christian when I was done with it.

5. Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card
Wow. This was one of the more excellent things I've ever read. The sci-fi was amazing, but Locke and Demosthenes was just like... amazing?

6. Tender is the Night, F. Scott Fitzgerald
This book was crazy good. Thank god for prozac, right? Fitzgerald is really one of the most perfect authors.

7. Better Days, Brett Matthews
Wow. The dialogue was just as crisp as on the show, the art was fantastic, the story was hysterical. It felt just like watching an episode.

8. Those Left Behind, Brett Matthews
Same with this one. Once again, the art was so brilliant, I just stared at it for a long time before even reading it.

9. A Tale of Time City, Diana Wynne Jones
This book hurt my head in the best possible way. It was funny, beautiful, and so magical.

10. The Country Gentleman, Fiona Hill
My first experience with a modern Regency novel, and I really loved it. Like more then real Austen.

11. The Diamond of Darkhold, Jeanne DuPrau
This book left me with such a case of the warm fuzzies! Doon and Lina's relationship grew so subtly, it was perfect. She's got this simple, elegant style.

12. Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury
This man is genius. Fahrenheit 451 wasn't even his best book in my opinion but even so, it was exquisite.

It poured today.. I mean like, the heavens opened up and decided to drown us.
Zhann's send off on Farscape was the most epic/crazy/romantic/badass death I've ever seen.

I love this song.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Band that hair gurl

I love headbands soo much! They never fit my head, idk why, but they're so nice to look at. The following post will have lots of Blair in it... never seen Gossip Girl, don't plan to or want to, but I do love LOOKING at her.

Okay then. Today it rained a lot and I had turkey for breakfast. And I did school and listened to The Killers and basically nothing else. X-Files season 5, disk 2, is on top of our queue, my heart is all aglow. I am still in denial about the SAT. Idek if it'll be really hard for me or not, I'm so scared I can't even evaluate myself properly, lol. Only not lol, because it's really not funny.
(One more thing. Eugene and Katrina. Respect.)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Never send an adult to do a kids job

Spy Kids. I owe these movies so much. No seriously. I mean, they sparked our obsession with spies and espionage, they got me into sci-fi. I think Spy Kids were the first consciously sci-fi films I can remember seeing! If it wasn't for spy kids, I might not love Ray Bradbury or The X-Files! THE HORROR. It's been 10 years since it came out... I can't even comprehend that.

Meet Carmen and Juni. Two young children who save the world and make the government create a whole academy to train kid spied.

Meet their kickass mom and dad. Meagan, Katie and I could quote back to you the entire first 10 minutes of the movie. Seriously, do not doubt our commitment to these films.

Meet Floop. Because it's a cruel, cruel world all you little boys and girls.

Meet The Presidents Daughter. Also known as that slutty teen from Gossip Girl. Huh.

Meet Lily from Hannah Montana. And her brother.

This is Demetra. She changed my life. Say what you will about the third movie, but I had never even contemplated the idea of a cyborg/compute program developing a personality till I saw it.

You know what? I haven't changed much. When I was 11 I was in love with Eugene Meltsner and my OMG dream job was a Secret Agent. When I was 14 I was in love with Desmond Hume and my OMG dream job was a CIA agent. Today I am in love with Fox Mulder and my OMG dream job is a FBI agent. Variations on a theme, no? And will I ever grow up?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yo Gene Kelly Work Those Shoulders

(Kate and I have secrets facebook groups. One dedicated to Keanu Reeves' Hot Bod, and one dedicated to David Duchovny's Forearms. Not so secret now that I told, but whatever. We post pictures and talk in capslock and are very immature about it.) You see, I was going to do this blog post about an ~actor, but then I thought that that might not really be good, and I should try and hide my love for the menz. (Thus the secret facebook groups.) I'm not sure if hiding is necessary, but nevertheless. I try to present a noble front. But dead actors can't actually be objectified, right? Cause they're dead and they don't care? So this post is hereby dedicated to Gene Kelly, who makes my world go round. As my sister proudly declared, "Every school paper would be improved by a paragraph on Gene Kelly." Amen Kate, amen.

"I have found a new way to entertain myself. It's called men."

Being homeschooled make me feel like part of a secret and powerful anti-government cult. I mean, we file and do it all legally, but still. No one really knows what goes on in our homeschool community, do they?
Go the the link I am about to give you and listen to Poison Ivy. NOW.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lichtensteinesque Artz

Hey DeviantArt, thanks for existing!! Lichtenstein is my favorite homeboy, and art inspired by him is so awesome. Also beware, fanart will be mixed in.

Hi macho strong-jawed Harry. I thought you were Clark Kent for a moment...

An original an art student did for a class.

A panting, huzzah.

Oh my gawd I can not compute right now, this is made of tooo much awesome. ILU bbs.

This whole thing is epic and needs to be reblogged on Tumblr, lol.

Everything by Hedgehogbeeblebrox is LMAO BRB DYING funny.

Just gorgeous. Why does smoking have to look so sexy? Sadface.

So we watched New Moon last night!! Seriously, I think the books are a virus in the minds of teenage girls, but the movies are divine. And it had Jamie Campbell Bower. Even if he just sat there and glowered.
Half way through Farscape now, I'll be sad when we're done.
Edith Wharton book at the library, yayayay! Feeling too sick to pick it up though, lol.