Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yo Gene Kelly Work Those Shoulders

(Kate and I have secrets facebook groups. One dedicated to Keanu Reeves' Hot Bod, and one dedicated to David Duchovny's Forearms. Not so secret now that I told, but whatever. We post pictures and talk in capslock and are very immature about it.) You see, I was going to do this blog post about an ~actor, but then I thought that that might not really be good, and I should try and hide my love for the menz. (Thus the secret facebook groups.) I'm not sure if hiding is necessary, but nevertheless. I try to present a noble front. But dead actors can't actually be objectified, right? Cause they're dead and they don't care? So this post is hereby dedicated to Gene Kelly, who makes my world go round. As my sister proudly declared, "Every school paper would be improved by a paragraph on Gene Kelly." Amen Kate, amen.

"I have found a new way to entertain myself. It's called men."

Being homeschooled make me feel like part of a secret and powerful anti-government cult. I mean, we file and do it all legally, but still. No one really knows what goes on in our homeschool community, do they?
Go the the link I am about to give you and listen to Poison Ivy. NOW.


Anonymous said...

He is gorgeous. No arguments here.

Pretty song. Me likes.

Brittany Ann said...

LOL--the secret facebook groups! The objectification of men is something that I enjoy to a..I don't know, maybe awful degree. My sister, one of my friends, and I sometimes have movie nights dedicated to Movies Starring Gorgeous Men--including plotless crap movies (The Covenant) and epic genius movies (The Boondock Saints). I'm glad we're not alone in this fascination. ;)

And homeschoolers are awesome. We should take over the world. We'd be so good at it.

guitargirl said...

Haha! I was homeschooled all through high school too! I'm told we're smarter than kids that go to public school. Some people beg to differ though. Those people are usually politicians who went to public school...