Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How many hipster does it take to run a Tardis?

Three of course! Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. This series has been amazing. And so gloriously hipster. (Also Matt and Arthur both have girlfriends. My life, ruined.)

Running lines together. Note Arthur and Matt wearing glasses. Note the Ramones tee shirt. Note the coffee cups. Note the British actor wearing an ironic eagle tee.

Where do I even start with this image?

Sunglasses? Yup. Odd facial expressions? Yup. Caffeinated beverages 24/7? Totally.

All good hipster boys have had unfortunate beads at one point in life.

Skinny jeans, leggings and layers that seem unnecessary while walking mildly with your significant other.

High-waisted skirts and sparkles and slightly drunk expressions.

Ironic knitted sweaters are the bomb. As are sad puppy faces.

Amy, is that scarf necessary when you are wearing a mini-skirt? And don't say you were dressed for Rio.

Donnie Phaster is a world-class creep. If I was Mulder and Scully I'd move. I mean, all the creeps know where they live. Look at what happened with Padgett, he moved in next door. If they value their lives, they'd pack up and leave.
I shall exert myself later and go to the gym. I shall not counteract that move by having cake. Go me.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Books in June, 2010

It's that time of the month again. It's the end of June, half a year, 63 books. Most of which were 140 page preteen fic so that number is not meant to impress. But keeping lists of what I've read was really a great idea because I actually remember what I read! (Shocker)

1. Gilead, Marilynne Robinson
I don't want to be lengthy here, but this might be the most beautiful book I've ever read. It's like light literally shone through the words.

2. Calamity Jack, Shannon and Dean Hale
A great sequel to Rapunzel's Revenge. The art was beautiful, and I think I like Jack better then Punzzie. The pixie was an awesome character.

3. A Good Man is Hard to Find, Flannery O'Connor
Technically a short story, but I read it, so it counts. Flannery's writing is so literal and exact, but the whole thing reads like magical realism.

4. The King Must Die, Mary Renault
As a lover of anything Greek Mythos, I automatically liked this book. It was written in the 20th century, but it felt translated. I don't know how the author achieved that, it was amazing.

5. Wise Blood, Flannery O'Connor
This book was so good I read it twice. It was beautiful and symbolic and very religious and very shameless about the Biblical parallels and judgments made on humanity. You don't see that very often.

6. Pilgrim's Progress, John Bunyan
I've heard this story countless times, so I finally read it. It was eye opening, and encouraging and John Bunyan pinpointed every type of Christian, every type of sinner, every sort of temptation. It was really beautiful.

7. Christiana, John Bunyan
This one (which I prefer) reads more like a romance and an adventure story than an allegory. Or maybe it reads that way because the reader is already familiar with the stops along the way to "heaven." Also REFORMED THEOLOGY FOR THE WIN.

8. Sorcery and Cecelia, Patricia C Wrede
A pointless, adorable fantasy set in Regency times. Fluffy, hysterical, enjoyable. The authors did a good job capturing the wordy style without being annoying.

9. Gone and Back, Rockne O'Bannon
This story is probably my favorite so far, it went where the show would have gone. And Katrala broke my heart, which was hard to do considering John and Aeryn are destined.

10. All Alone in the Universe, Lynne Rae Perkins
All I can say is that Lynne Rae Perkins must have kept some seriously detailed journals as a preteen. No other author can capture the adolescent gloom in such a poignant way without getting melodramatic.

11. Northward to the Moon, Polly Horvath
This book was made for me I think. It had landscape porn. Motels and diners and Native American tribes and Signs and Wonders and lovable but pieced together families. Polly Horvath is

It was boiling at work today. So I sat in the freezer and ate yogurt to cool off. The freezer smells like olives and I don't mind.
Dear Mulder and Scully, how do you except me to focus on the plot when you keep looking at each other like that? You are acting like 15-year-olds on your first date, so just calm down. Love, Me.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Enviromentalism, MY WAY.

I do not condone the 21st century consumerist upper-middle-class urban style of environmentalist. Instead of buying a new $80 organic cotton blouse, shop secondhand. And what do you think your individually packaged Whole Foods wild grown almond sampler is doing for the the world other than fill up landfills? So I try to conserve, as long as I can afford it and it doesn't take up too much time. We normal people have lives to live, so listen up park slope yuppies. Try actually CONSERVING for once, instead of just consuming.

Stainless steal bottles. My sister's carried this around with her for almost a year now. The amount of plastic (and money) she's saved is amazing. I bought one too recently, it's really an impactful habit.

One big thing our family does is go without AC in the summer. We only use it at night. Now this is more for saving money so we can eat out more (we really like eating out) but it still conserves lots of energy.

We use reusable bags or course. My Dad's done this for years now. (This spiffy one with gorgeous aliens on it is MINE.)

Most of the time at a fast food restaurant, I leave the lid and straw off the cup. You're just gonna throw it out anyway.

Recycle. I know this sounds simple, but I know so many people who don't.

If I'm are out and have to buy a drink, I try to buy it in a glass bottle (renewable), and then bring it home to recycle instead of tossing it in a NYC Park Department garbage can, where I doubt anything gets recycled.

I don't use plastic cups, nor does Katie. I used to use a glass Coke cup, but that broke, so I've been using an electric green plastic margarita cup I got as a party favor, because why waste it and buy a new one?

Don't buy anything individually wrapped just for convenience sake. Use plastic baggies, and then reuse those.

On that same train of thought, I try and bring fruit for snacks, which I can just toss in my bag, instead of something that needs packaging in the first place.

Drawing and writing and formatting and editing. Running your own magazine (albeit a sporadic one) is too much work. More ~X-Files~ tonight. Also, I have decided that when we're done with the Files, I'm gonna watch all the Doctor Who episodes with Five.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coffee Cake

OH HAI. IZ TIRED AND DOES NOT WANT TO WORK TOMORROW. So I'm just going to post about coffee cake because it is one of my all-time favorite desserts.

Cinnamon swirl coffee cake.

A blackberry crumble thing.

A lemon coffee cake.

Apple coffee cake.

Bunt coffee cake.

Beauteous almond raspberry coffee cake.

Mulder and Scully had their first kiss tonight. A suspicious kiss. One that made me wonder just how long they might have been together? I shall be watching you closely this season my dears. -_-

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Six from Tumblr

I am exhausted and think I shall just post my last 6 liked images on Tumblr. Traladeladela.

Totally, we all need to feel that kind of freedom.

They are so cute, I wanna squish it.

Normally I don't fav stuff like this.. but it looked like ice cream.

Truth. I am on the hunt for one to marry.

I can sleep well tonight.

This was ridiculously true and funnny.

Today I got sunburned, my brother and cousin's team won a soccer tournament, I had coffee and coffee cake, I got 99 cent earrings, and I watched the first half hour of a bootleg Star Trek with Russian subs for the lulz.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Delicate Neckweare

Today was not the Best Day Of My Life. I bordered upon Worst Day.
Anyway. I do not like clunky necklaces. Little chains with little pendants are good enough for me.

I like the droplet shape.

My complexion does not suit pearls, but they're my favorite stone.

I've been wanting a cross necklace for going on three years now. But I can never bring myself to spend the money.

Babiest necklace ever. Amy Pond wears an initial necklace that I adore.

Silver, like pearls, don't suit me, but it's sooo pretty!

Adorable the end.

I love the double chain.

I should start that history paper, but it seem kinda stupid starting a paper on a Friday. It can wait till Monday. By the time I post tomorrow The Big Bang will have aired in England. Moffet, I want one thing from you. No, two things. 1: Amy/Rory: happy ending. 2: River: Who is she?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A "That's Life" post

I'm in an emotional funk. So when real problems get you down like your best friend who is homesick in Russia and the fact that the only section of the SAT you actually did well in is the part Hunter and Brooklyn don't even look at, you need to start trying to enjoying life. You know, those not-important joys that mostly have to do with sugar and fandom.

Lungs, Florence and the Machine. This album, from start to finish is one of the most brilliant things I've ever heard. I'm just listening to it over and over and over again. There is no end in sight.

It's summer. Which means I, for once, am actually allowed to wear track shorts and camis around the house. YUSS.

I'm translating Harry Potter from German into English. It's ridiculously hard and kinda fun.

It's summer. Which means all I'm eating are plums and mint tea. And I am okay with that.

Last night we just watched the season 6 finale. They upped the Mulder and Scully romance so much this season, I don't even know what to think. Plus, Diana is Fowl and Skinner needs to make up his mind, and I like how they're totally backtracking from the invasion of 2012 all the way to the original colonists like before evolution and stuff.

We are getting a blender, first time the Diehl family will have ever owned one. Just in time for smoothies too! I am ecstatic.

I got four dollars in tips today. IDK what I did right, it was 95 degrees, and the ovens were blasting and I almost cried twice. Pity tips perhaps...?

The Pandorica opens in four weeks omg you guys!

It's official. I am ready for September.
Ready to wear my Slytherin scarf and get back into the swing of proper school days. Ready to cut down on my work hours, and I've only been doing 18 hours a week for a month now. Ready for Fringe to come back, ready for hot coffee to make me feel warm inside and not inconveniently uncomfortable. It's June 24th and I'm ready for fall. Summer is only nice in theory.