Friday, April 30, 2010

Book in April, 2010

Well, it's that time again. Books I read in April. I can't believ April is almost over, crazy man, crazy. Where has the year gone? Anyway, here you go. Ten books.

1. Aunt Maria, Diana Wynne Jones.
This wonderful lady never disappoints with her clean writing and hysterical scrapes, and jaw-dropping endings.

2. Girl Meets God, Lauren F. Winner.
This is actually a memoir, not fiction, but every teenage/collegeage/whatever Christian girl needs to read it now.

3. The Custom of the Country, Edith Whaton.
My fourth Edit book, and she is officially my favorite author. Undine was a complete genius, way to social climb! As as usually, the writing was breath-taking.

4. The Chosen, Chaim Potok.
A terribly depressing, but terribly good book about Jews in Brooklyn during the 1940's. I find Jewish culture really fascinating, and enjoyed this book lots.

5. Law of the Wolf Tower, Tanith Lee.
Let me just say, weirdest fantasy world ever. Ever. I mean, I really loved this book but I could hardly wrap my mind around it either.

6. Wolf Star Rise, Tanith Lee.
For the first time in my entire life, I shipped something noncanon, so this book was groundbreaking for me. Venn/Claidi, ktnx.

7. Queen of the Wolves, Tanith Lee.
So once I got over Venn and Caidi not being soulmates, this book was awesome as well. Tanith Lee, your mind must be a scary place.

8. The Prophet of Yonwood, Jeanne DuPrau.
Woah, this book was just too much to be a kids book. I want DuPrau to rewrite it as a 500 page adult novel, it was mind-blowing.

9. Jamaica Inn, Daphne DuMaurier.
It was very different from Rebecca, but really amazing. The writing was dark and cold and just scary, and the ending was ridiculous.

10. At Home in Mitford, Jan Karon.
Ah, the Mitford books. Happiness and lots of cake and coffee and sunny days and confessions of faith, but not in a cheesy way, it's kinda magical.

One day, maybe, I'll remember to drink my coffee when it's hot, and not end up reheating it...
Kate's last day of class is here!! X-FILES HERE WE COME! (You too Ugly Betty, no need to feel left out.)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm really sorry but....

I'm going to be out all day starting in like fifteen minutes, lol. So I come baring only one picture to hold you over. Enjoy this random old lady.

Peace out, and once again, sorry. This feels like cheating.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cat Power, fashionista

Cat Power has the coolest fashion sense. It's basically all solids and neutral colors and just really simple and awesome. Most of you probably know her song Sea of Love, from the Juno soundtrack, but here are two of my favorites by her. I Found a Reason. Where is my Love?

Doctor's appt today. There is a Dunkin' Donuts right down the block from the office, hm. Wanna see the most epic 5 minutes of television ever made? THIS EPISODE I CAN'T EVEN!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Have I expressed my undying love for Harvey yet?

CUZ OMG. Let me explain. Scorpius wants the wormhole tech in John's brain, so he puts a neural chip in John's brain. Then John has a mini Scorpius in his head, telling him what to do, gathering information. Eventually John has the chip removed. The problem is, an echo of Scorpius' consciousness is imprinted into John's mind forever. It's nonviolent and has no control over him, but it talks to him and pesters him. So to keep this imprint under control, John tries to make it comical, and thus Harvey was born. Harvey likes telling John what to do. He likes being philosophical. He likes playing dress up. He does not like the dumpster.

This is Harvey's death bed. Poor Harvey...

Harvey tries to explain to John how to build a WORMHOLE WEAPON.

Harvey encourages John to go talk to the imaginary pregnant Aeryn on the beach.

Harvey dresses up as an Agent of the Matrix.

Harvey thinks John needs to not want to kill him.


Harvey can be rather dramatic sometimes.

Harvey is a sweetheart who offers you chocolate cause he's just that nice.

Harvey is all like, "does my shirt really have a rocket pineapple on it?" Sorry Harv.

At work today I got off early, it was a beautiful afternoon and Mrs. Spano gave me a ride homeee! Best Song Ever.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Unpopular LOST opinions

Some opinions regarding LOST are so unpopular if you mention them you'll get rotten fruit thrown at you. Lots of LOST fans are rude and mean people. A lot of this post is rehashing stuff I've said already, but I feel like posting it anyway.

I Love Kate Austen. I'm sorry but it's true. Poor thing was supposed to be the hero. She's brave and tries harder then any of them, even if she can never get it right. Stop calling her a whore Losties. Leave her alone.

I ship Sawyer/Kate. Five years later, still. Let me quote Fish. "...The way that Kate can read Sawyer in any universe, even a universe where he's never been Sawyer. She knew he helped her in the elevator because he wanted to keep his trip to Australia secret. Kate knows James the same way Kate knew Sawyer on the Island. Intuitively." Sorry man, that's sexy.

I think Hurley as a character has had terrible development. They don't let him change, and I feel like maybe he should.

I wish they'd stop giving us answers this season! Enough already! NO MORE ANSWERS PLEASE! I'm just too fond of my own theories. I don't like my bubble being burst.

I hope the majority of the characters die. I think that LOST is too much of a self contained story to leave people alive. Some characters can live on in your head, in fanfic, in theatrical films, in graphic novels... but I think for the characters on LOST, their roads should end when the show ends. Except for Des and Pen.

I never liked Charlie. It made me really sad when he died, but in all he was kinda annoying.

I think the time travel plot line was utterly pointless. It has no relevance in the grand scheme of things. And also it was confusing, cause it was a totally different type then the kind that Desmond experiences.

At work today the new girl was twenty minutes late and my 5-year-old sneakers, which lost their treads ages ago went out from under me so I limped home with a bloody knee in the pouring rain with a broken umbrella. PITY ME. Then when I got home I clonked out in bed, played dead for a while, then got up, groped for my glasses, made coffee and dumped ice water on my face, and commenced with MY EDUCATION.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love Song To Pears

What can be done with a pear? A better question to ask is what can't be done.

Pear-cran jelly.

Pear parfaits.

Pear walnut salad.

Pear spice muffins.

Canned pears.

Pear and turkey salad.

Pear tarts.

Church. Lunch at Arby's. Then I lay on the couch wrapped in a blanket and read At Home in Mitford till I fell asleep. Then I woke up and made some coffee and now it's a quarter after four and I've got nothing to do. Hopefully some Farscape.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Keira in Vogue, 2007

I'm not like a crazy fashionista, and ever since McQueen died, I've given up hope. But I'm still female, so I still have favorite fashion shoots. Keira Knightley, in Vogue, summer of 2007. Best ever. Haters gonna hate, but I love Keira.

The styling of this shoot is just divine. And I'm kinda annoyed I can't find better images anywhere... Anyway, off to soccer practice. Not that I play, just bringing my brother. I watched Avatar last night. From a sci-fi point of view, I don't think it brought anything new to the table. The alien world was rather typical. But it was a very enjoyable, blockbuster, family film. And Jake S(c)ully was adorable and needed hugs and much love.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm rude and not ginger: Redux

Okay, so past month I had a post with seven redhead characters who I just adore, partly because of their hair. But I realized then that there were seven more red head characters who I just adore.

Amy Pond, Doctor Who. Well, she's definitely new. But I like her already.

Nina Sharp, Fringe. Nina and Broyles need a romance stat. And she's way too beautiful for an old lady.

Donna Pinciotti, That 70's Show. I've only seen a dozen odd episodes of this show (all amazing of course) but Donna is the best.

Tess Mercer, Smallville. I'm really mad that she and Ollie aren't together anymore, cause they were hot. But Zod is hot too, so whatevs.

Joolushko, Farscape. Ah, my love for Jool. She tries hard, but everyone still hates her.

Captain Janeway, Voyager. Once again, I haven't seen the entirety of Voyager, but Janeway made quite the impact on little me.

Sikozu Shanu, Farscape. She's one of my favorite characters ever. She's beautiful and smart and has an unrequited(ish) love story with Scorpius.

Laundry day, eww, laundry. And I made myself a cup of coffee... and didn't put the cup under the coffeemaker, so I had a sprawl of coffee all over the counter and floor. Aren't I awesome. Fringe LAST NIGHT! So does Peter know that Olivia and Astrid knew? Poor Walter. And OMG PETER ANGST I AM READY FOR THAT.