Friday, March 12, 2010

See the rainbow. But please, do not taste.

Hi. It's 10am and I'm still working through my morning coffee. I haven't even showered yet; I just pulled on a cardigan, and I'm pretending I'm dressed. It's pouring out. It's a day which is simply begging you to give over to lolling about in bed forever. So I'm attempting to wake myself up with some RAINBOWS OKAY THEY ARE LOUD AND COLORFUL. WE LOVE COLOR HERE.

Ah, rain. It's a very Bjork day. Desired Constellations, I've Seen it All, Pneumonia, Joga, Pagan Poetry, Wanderlust. You don't have to listen, lol, I'm just putting them out there. Also, I bit the bullet and I'm reading Ender's Game. It's amazing so far, obviously.

Lastly, I am unable to hear the word "rainbow" without thinking of Skittles commercials.

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Brittany Ann said...

Gah. "Ender's Game" is ridiculously good. The ending is just like WHUT, but it was ruined for me because someone came into the room and started talking to me during the SURPRISE. Here's some advice: lock the door while you read.

*whispers* "taste the rainbow..." those commercials are weird.