Monday, March 29, 2010

Band that hair gurl

I love headbands soo much! They never fit my head, idk why, but they're so nice to look at. The following post will have lots of Blair in it... never seen Gossip Girl, don't plan to or want to, but I do love LOOKING at her.

Okay then. Today it rained a lot and I had turkey for breakfast. And I did school and listened to The Killers and basically nothing else. X-Files season 5, disk 2, is on top of our queue, my heart is all aglow. I am still in denial about the SAT. Idek if it'll be really hard for me or not, I'm so scared I can't even evaluate myself properly, lol. Only not lol, because it's really not funny.
(One more thing. Eugene and Katrina. Respect.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Head bands rule! You look great in them. Sad to say my hair is crazy curly, headbands get lost in them :D
Do not worry about the SAT's. You will do great. Praying for you that you will feel peace and smart!