Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's not easy being The Chosen Ones! (Epic Post)

Saving the world one foretold event at a time: The Chosen Ones.
These predestined-to-be-awesome dudes save the world with ease (okay not really), often while trying to deal with step-parents, dead mentors,
being orphaned and friendless and having crisis of faith as to whether the prophecy or whatnot was actually referring to them.

Name: John Connor
Referred to as: The Savior
Mentor: Sarah Connor
Enemy: Skynet
Parental Status: Living mother, dead father
Side-kicks: Cameron (?)
Why them: The space-time continuum said so

Name: Perseus Jackson
Referred to as: The One from the Great Prophecy
Mentor: Chiron
Enemy: Kronos
Parental Status: No-good dad, even-worse step-dad, nice mom, other step-dad
Side-kicks: Grover, Annabeth
Why them: A Prophecy

Name: Neo (Thomas Anderson)
Referred to as: The One
Mentor: Morpheus
Enemy: The Matrix, etc
Parental Status: Dead (?) parents
Side-kicks: Trinity
Why them: A Prophecy

Name: Jack, Sun, Jin, Hurley, Sawyer, Kate (?)
Referred to as: The Candidates
Mentor: Jacob
Enemy: The Man in Black
Parental Statues: Daddy Issues Abound
Side-kicks: The rest of the Losties
Why them: No idea, maybe Jacob knows

Name: Harry Potter
Referred to as: The Boy Who Lives, The Chosen One
Mentor: Dumbledore
Enemy: Voldemort
Parental Status: Orphaned, raised by (awful) family
Side-kicks: Ron, Hermione
Why them: A Prophecy

Name: Olivia Dunham
Referred to as: The Guardian
Mentor: William Bell
Enemy: Unclear
Parental Status: Dead (?) mother, crazy-bad father
Side-kicks: Walter, Astrid, Peter
Why them: She can see the shimmer

Name: Taran of Caer Dallben
Referred to as: High King
Mentor: Dallben, Coll
Enemy: Arawn
Parental Status: Orphaned, creepy-fake step-dad
Side-kicks: Eilonwy, Gurgi, Fflewddur
Why them: A Prophecy

Name: Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker
Referred to as: The Chosen One and The New Hope respectively
Mentor: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda
Enemy: The Emperor
Parental Status: Dead mothers, raised by another
Side-kicks: Padme; Han, Leia
Why them: Prophecy of sorts

Name: Ender Wiggins
Referred to as: The One
Mentor: Graff, Mazer
Enemy: The buggers
Parental Status: Alive, but they don't have a relationship
Side-kicks: Petra, Alai, Feint
Why them: Ender was The Best and Smartest

If I left out your favorite The Chosen One, alert me! And if you can think of any other female The Chosen Ones let me know too!
At work today I found a rye bread that looked just like The Fluke Monster. Your argument is invalid.


Anonymous said...

FLUKE MONSTER!!! PLEASE say that you got a picture?!?

Great epic post! I loved the comment about the Lost cast's "daddy issues". :D

Sabe said...

Blame the x-files for this one. and most other disturbing images i'd link to here.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a picture of the bread? And that would be rather disturbing to find this, let alone eat it! :D