Thursday, March 4, 2010

Drawing a blank... Group photos!

My brain died last night due to my extensive attempts to shove in knowledge. I feel brain dead today. That means that a well thought out post is not going to happen, and I'm going to resort back to DA, the source for all things beautiful, simple, and having nothing to do with Geometry. I poked around for some group photos! I have a narrow collection of fandoms however, so you probably know what to expect. ;)

Kinden's Doctor Who. Ten, Rose, Martha, Donna... and Teh Mastah!

Lilzart's Farscape girls. Most kickass group known to man. Aeryn, Jool, Zahnn, Sikozu, Chiana.

The Serenity crew, so much love! Kaylee, River, Simon, Jayne, Mal, Inara, Book, Wash and Zoe.

I'm a sucker for Nextgen art! Hillary CW's Hugo, Albus, James, Lily and Rose.

I'm such a sucker for Nextgen, I'm posting two of them! Too many names to type out, but they're easy to identify. I want to be Fred and Roxanne's bffs.

Some X-Files happiness. The Lone Gunmen, Mulder and Scully (and baby William)! Reyes, Dogget, Skinner.

Scary season 3 Others from Buuya! Ethan, Juliet, Bea, and Mr. Friendly! Without his beard!

I had a dream that we watched the series finale of LOST. And Kate and Sawyer had a baby, and then Charlie, Skate baby, Ji Yeon, David, etc, ruled the island and all the parents died. It was weird because it took place in a children's museum. And Not!Locke was dressed like an X-Man.
Going ice skating today, hooray! After all that Olympics however, I am no longer impressed with my ability to not fall. I shall try some going backwards today.


Brittany Ann said...

I so love Buuya's LOST art.

By the way, I know you love sci-fi, have you ever read Scott Westerfeld or Orson Scott Card? I kind of feel like these two men, particularly Card who has influenced Westerfeld a lot, are to sci-fi novels what Neil Gaiman is to fantasy. Just sayin'. Seriously good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the Serenity crew. I cant thank your crazy family enough for "forcing" me to watch it. It is one of my all time favorite movies and one of my top TV shows.

Sabe said...

Lol, Ender's Game has been on my READ SOON list forever, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.