Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pink Dresses

I think I've done black dresses, white dresses, green dresses. So. Pink dresses.

I can't even begin to tell you how in awe I am. All my questions have been answered. Why can't you have babies? Why can't you get sick? How is it that you can time travel? Who was talking in Jacob's cabin? Was the plane crash fate? Who are the original inhabitants? "Guy's where are we?" Why are people special? Why can only certain people see the island? Why does the island move? ALL THIS AND MORE HAS BEEN ANSWERED. Also if MiB can imitate people, then any dead person on the island, any vision a character had, everything from Yemi to Kate's horse to Taller Ghost Walt, was probably MiB. Lastly, Richard and Isabella are the new Lost OTP. Take notes Jack and Kate and Sawyer. This is how it's done. Just remember, God loves you as he loved Jacob.


Brittany Ann said...

Wait OK I am REALLY confused. I just caught up to LOST and DO NOT see how any of those questions were answered. I am so baffled. All it really did was explain how Richard came there, which was interesting, but not SHOCKING, and show a glimpse of the Jacob/MiB relationship--I don't feel like we learned much of anything new. Did I miss something??

Sabe said...

Lol Long Comment:
I think the most important thing that we learned in this episode, is what the island is, which is something we've been wondering since like, the pilot. Now that we know it's not just a magical island, but an actually supernatural entity apart from our world, we can fit that in with a bunch of our questions. For example, obviously, if the island is simple a prison for Evil then it is outside of space and time, and therefore it makes sense why people can’t find it, why time travel is possible, and why only Candidates and “Important People” can get there. Also, if it is outside time like that, then I think that makes the healing properties clear. It’s not actually part of the natural world, so it’s almost like sickness can’t live there, and people only get sick and die if Jacob’s mad at them, like Ben’s cancer. And Richard's job makes sense now, so that makes more sense out of episodes like Not in Portland and that Locke episode, where Richard visits him? And remember Abaddon? I'm taking a leap of faith to say he had a very similar job to Richard, and that explains HIS off island visits to our characters. He said he worked for Widmore, but in The Lighthouse, Jacob seemed to want Jack to get Widmore to the island, making them allies, so we can assume Abaddon worked for Jacob. He said his job was “getting people where they need to go,” and that seems to fit. And although a LOOOT of this is being assumed, I think that looking at the amount of episodes left, they’re never going to actually cover all this, and I think that the Richard episode was like a blanket answer… you can assume as much as you like from there on. Also, if MiB can read your thoughts and look like people from your past (eg: Eko’s encounter with the smoke, and then Yemi) I think it’s a bit of a logical jump to say that the whispers are also the MiB. Because they often follow the black smoke sounds, and come when you see dead people. (eg: Harper in Left Behind, when Shannon saw Walt?) Maybe we are assuming to much, but with 8 episodes left, I’m taking what I can get, and running with it, lol.

Brittany Ann said...

Ahhh ok! That makes a lot of sense. Thanks. :)