Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday Post!

Okay, so I can squeeze in one more post before I leave because some one very special is turning 30 today! Yup, that's right. Harry Potter! I fancied up an old HillaryCW drawing. Click to enlarge, same old story.

MY BB IS OLD NOW. Okay. Now I'm gonna say goodbye for real.

Books in July, 2010

Seven months already? Good grief! So I've read 75 so far this year, woohoo! Although I haven't done ACTUAL school or actual ANYTHING in forever so the second my life starts getting busy my reading time will suffer. All the more reason to stuff it in now. And these books were, as always, supplemented with a healthy dose of poetry and an unhealthy dose of fanfiction. Maybe next month I'll try something really scary. Hmm.

1. Seth Way, Caroline Dale Snedeker
Jessonda and Seth. Wow. It was so historically accurate it sounded autobiographical and yet the stark realness and history thrown in everywhere did not take away for the beautiful poetics of Snedeker.

2. Tristan and Iseult, Rosemary Sutcliff
Clean writing, beautiful dialogue, classic Sutcliff classicness. I do not know how else to put it. She writes her books as if they had been translated. It's amazing.

3. Though the Darkness Hide Thee, Susan Wise Bauer
This was really good, a complete trip. A religious modern-day murder mystery morality tale about unburying sin, redemption and following a calling. I loved how she used the deer corpse as a metaphor for the sin.

4. Summer, Edith Wharton
This may be my new favorite Wharton. It was so brilliantly pieced together and pointed out the folly of girls in an amazing way. It made me rather bashful to realize I had so much in common with Charity.

5. Tales from a Village School, Miss Read
An adorable, fresh little book about British school children in the 1940's. It reminded me a bit of All Creatures. The children were really individually developed which impressed me.

6. Fragile Things, Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman's writing demands respect. Even when I read a story I wasn't crazy about I had to realized just how original and woah it was. I liked his sci-fi ventures best, I think he should do more aliens and less ghosts.

7. Green Dolphin Street, Elizabeth Goudge
I am not actually quite done with this one yet. It is rather massive. It's amazing but one of those books that needs to be read really slowly. The sister's relationship is refreshing.

8. Chains, Laurie Halse Anderson
I did not expect this book to be so good. I was blown away. It sucked me in and gave me all sides to the story. It wasn't heavy handed at all which, considering the subject matter, I found really impressive. Also COLONIAL TIMES YUSS.

9. The Glimpses of the Moon, Edith Wharton
This book made me really sad because the main character were like Betsy and Joe. Just with a bad end. The writing was breathtaking as always.

10. Not My Will, Francena Arnold
A bit melodramatic but the message and heart-felt sincerity underneath it was lovely. And Eleanor was such an awesome character. A living breathing Slytherin main character! That's not common.

11. Ghost World, Daniel Clowes
This book was so sincere and blunt that it because almost like magical realism. The art was fantastic- almost black and white, and so much detail. Enid and Rebecca's relationship was the best part though.

12. A Hidden Magic, Vivian Vande Velde
Breathtaking illustrations aside it was a lovely story. I am a sucker for simple, honest fairy tales. No invented creatures, no bizarre languages, no new rules for old beings. Just traditional witches and tiny kingdoms and everything-is-not-what-it-seems.

This will be my last post for a week. Packing for an trip into the unknown is terrifying. My list is massive. So right now I am listening to The Gay Blades, drinking Yogi tea and getting my fill of the internet to tide me over while in the unknown.
I really want a smoothie from those smoothie people in Columbus Circle.
Okay, see you in a week.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Those charcoaly gray-blue colors are my favorite. As a dull person who gravitates towards black all the time sometimes gray-blues are good to brighten things up. All of these are from Etsy.

Last night we went to the best concert ever. Standing room, but with nice people who did not crowd surf, mosh or act like complete idiots. We saw The Narrative, The Gay Blades and Relient K. I didn't get home till 2am. I feel like the waking dead.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Movies I adore in spite of myself

I have favorite movies like a normal person. And I also have those movies I love when I shouldn't and the extent of my love defies logic, etc. Like the components of the movie I should dislike but I love the whole... or something.

Juno. Let's start off with saying the script was bad. Really, really bad. But other then that it was a sincere movie that (despite the uber cute script and music and art direction) was very real and very honest. Also I'm just a bit in love with Ellen Page, but that is another problem entirely.

Star Wars Episode II. Okay, stop judging me. Stop it. I can see you laughing as I type these words. Star Wars saved me during a very dark period in my life. You know, the prepubescent, friendless, sarcastic, hormonal world of being 11.

Bleak House. Dickens, Dickens, what to do with Dickens? I've never finished one of his books. Yet I sat through an eight hour movie based on one of his most intimidating books and loved every second. I blame the fact that three of my favorite actresses ever were in it.

Another Cinderella Story. Do not ask me why but I've seen this movie six times. Every time it's on tv I watch it. Maybe I like it because Mary is not a character that kids movies often showcase. (read: smart, hardworking, not sarcastic, diligent, brave.)

Hercules. As someone who harbors great respect towards Greek mythos I should hate this movie for being so sloppy and sarcastic. But no. It's the best ever and I often run around the house screaming WON'T SAY I'M IN LOOOVEEE!

Eclipse. I loved this movie so much I think I will want to own it. The more I think about it the more I love the entire franchise. Smeyer can't write well but other than that? The whole thing is magical and fun and sexy.

Charade. This movie is all about the question of whether my love for Cary outweighs my hatred for Audrey. Cary wins and I don't know why. Also I am a sucker for a good spy movie and a sucker for 60's fashion so those things also helped to tip the scale.

Going into Union Square this afternoon! It's been too long. Halal food and Barnes and Nobles here I comeeee! Also there are only 16 hours of X-Files left including IWTB. *hyperventilates* William = Chosen One. Save us from the apocalypse! I don't care that you are 9! Dooo it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Forget your troubles, c'mon get happy.

"Forget your troubles, c'mon get happy, you better chase all your cares away. Shout hallejulah, c'mon get happy get ready for the judgment day."
Lately I have been very whiny. So I think that I should make a list of things I am thankful for. Some of these are VERY SERIOUS and some are just things that I honestly am thankful for no matter how dumb.

I am thankful for my angelic ball of sunshine and shenanigans, Lady Jane Gray. She loves me enough to wake me up at 4:30am every morning to make sure I am not late to work. It's not her fault she doesn't know that I only work three days. She hates posing for photos...

I am thankful for iCarly because I instantly respond to its joyfulness. Like the reaction I have to coffee or brownies.

I am thankful for a church where, even though I can't get involved, I want to get involved. It took long enough.

I am thankful for my mom and everything she has done for me... every book recommendation, every carefully picked curriculum. She taught me from a young age that Jane Eyre and Star Trek are important. She likes to monologue about politics. I'd be pretty boring and dumb without her. The above picture is an accurate representation of our relationship. Totally.

I am thankful for Pratt Saturday Morning Art Classes. Pratt looks like Hogwarts and it's such a lovely way to spend the autumn and I learned a ton there. It's clear now I'll never to to art school, but Pratt is just enough that I don't mind too much.

I am thankful for living a subway ride away from glorious Downtown Brooklyn and a slightly longer subway ride away from Manhattan. I don't know what my life would be without my monthly museum trips.

I am thankful for Hermione Granger and Dana Scully who remind me daily that hard work, determination, dedication, integrity, resourcefulness, decisiveness and a ton more scary character qualities are what it really takes to be a Strong Female (of) Character.

I am thankful for having a job I don't hate at a young age which is teaching me all about good work ethics. I am thankful that my coworkers and the majority of the costumers are really terribly nice people who I am glad to know.

X-Files guuuhh I have been rendered speechless OKAY? Doggett and Reyes = too happy to exist on this gloomy show. Mulder and Scully = too perfect to exist in this dark and loveless world. Agent Harrison = too much lip-liner to exist in 2002.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Seven Harmonies

Whenever I find something particular awesome I feel the need to make other people know. There is nothing like some harmony to get the blood going. I think that is why folk music is so appealing to me.
A lot of these are live and involve talking so you may have to skip to the singing part. But if you ever liked harmonies, listen to these seven songs.

For Emma, Bon Iver. Basically I can't believe I lived without this song up until a few days ago.

I Could be There for You, Eisley. We saw them on this tour and my breath was like gone.

Feel it in my Bones, Tegan and Sara. Seeing live videos of them on Youtube has convinced me that I need to see them or else. Darn you well-known bands who charge a lot otherwise you couldn't eat. :(

Poison and Wine, The Civil Wars. These two voices together make me feel like I died and went to heaven.

Blue Ridge Mountain, Fleet Foxes. Live harmonies that haven't been mixed or altered or hidden under instrumentation are the best.

Yo Mama, Peggy Sue and the Sea. Basically I want to marry their music.

Skinny Bones, The Ditty Bops. Their epic old-timey music makes me feel weak in the knees. Oh, harmonnnnies.

In other news I threw-up at work today. Now that I got that out of the way the rest of my adult like should be relatively easy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Color Splash

Color Splash is my favorite design show. David is like a design god and my dream home would be entirely done by him. He is very modern but always elegant, something that modern homes lack. He is not afraid of color, texture and loud patterns. Also he paints everyone original paintings for their roooooms! I want a David painting! Really he is boss.

David is smiley and the most genuinely enthusiastic designer on HGTV.

Look at this amazing thing he painted that I want.

He just stands there like, yeah, imma gonna paint now! In in 3 hours BOOM awesomeness on canvas.

Look at this one room he did with that freaking awesome mural thing.

Look at this other room he did.

A lovely blue room.

A colorsplashed kitchen!

Note the lovely art on the wall.

The never ending flow of spoilers that io9 has had this weekend makes me gleeful. Oh ComicCon, why do you have to be over?
(Listen to this piece of heaven if you want a soothed soul. For Emma, Bon Iver.)