Friday, March 26, 2010

Lichtensteinesque Artz

Hey DeviantArt, thanks for existing!! Lichtenstein is my favorite homeboy, and art inspired by him is so awesome. Also beware, fanart will be mixed in.

Hi macho strong-jawed Harry. I thought you were Clark Kent for a moment...

An original an art student did for a class.

A panting, huzzah.

Oh my gawd I can not compute right now, this is made of tooo much awesome. ILU bbs.

This whole thing is epic and needs to be reblogged on Tumblr, lol.

Everything by Hedgehogbeeblebrox is LMAO BRB DYING funny.

Just gorgeous. Why does smoking have to look so sexy? Sadface.

So we watched New Moon last night!! Seriously, I think the books are a virus in the minds of teenage girls, but the movies are divine. And it had Jamie Campbell Bower. Even if he just sat there and glowered.
Half way through Farscape now, I'll be sad when we're done.
Edith Wharton book at the library, yayayay! Feeling too sick to pick it up though, lol.


Brittany Ann said...

Gah. Smoking does often look so sexy. Too bad it's actually stinky and cancer-giving.

Dude, we have such opposite views on Twilight. I loved the books but the movies kind of annoy me (or maybe Rob Pattinson just annoys me idk).

Sabe said...

okay yeah, robert pattinson is REALLY ANNOYING. maybe i like the movies because of my lingering obsession with werewolves, Vancouver, and indie music and sparkly cinematography? Idk, i just really love watching them.