Thursday, March 25, 2010

Monte Carlo, yes please.

Of the three favorite books in the whole entire world, two of them take place partly in Monte Carlo. I've never been interested in going to Paris or Versailles, but one day I will get to the French Riviera, I promise. Thanks Lily Bart; unrealistic expectations for life. Haha.

I have not seen my sister in two days. We keep missing each other. As in, I sleep late and go to bed early and she doesn't.
Yesterday I ate lots and watched lots of Farscape with my mummsy. Yotz. Dren. Hazmana. Tralk. Drad. Narl.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous! i am planing out my trip around the world, this will now be added.

Brittany Ann said...

*is still in awe from photos*