Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inside a black apple.

My favorite (and pretty much everyone's favorite) online artist, Black Apple!

This one is like my favorite.

Katie has a print of this from Etsy! Lucky girl.

Her newest one. She's improved so much, it's crazy.

From Oddfellow Orphanage.

My mom said that when she was a kid she has a print in her room that looked like this.

From Milkland. Probably her weirdest collection yet.

She's so awesome. Check out her blog for awesome jewelry, dolls, desserts, fashion, etc.
Today I plan on sleeping late. (I it's 1am and I have yet to go to bed.) And I plan on watching some Olympics. And reading. And not going anywhere or doing anything or thinking one useful though.


I am so thankful for Covenant Dance Studio. I adore ballet, dance or basically any form, and if it wasn't for them, I'd never see any performances. Tonight I'm going to Odine the Sea Sprite! So happy! So. Random selection of ballet-related images.

From Awakening, one of my favorite Covenant dances.

From Fools Gold, which I missed, oh curse the day.

She is basically Tib to me. And her costumes were divine. And the dancing was divine. And Gene was divine.

It is a great hope of mine to one day see Giselle. *le sigh*

The Nutcracker is one ballet that bores me. I think I've seen it one or two or fifty too many times. I swear I know that music by heart.

Although the Baryshnikov version is my favorite. It's so 70's though, lol.

Off Topic #1:
Women’s fashion is a subtle form of bondage. It’s men’s way of binding them. We put them in these tight, high-heeled shoes, we make them wear these tight clothes and we say they look sexy. But they’re actually tied up.I felt like crap all week, and guilty for not trying to look sexy. This made me feel better <3
Off Topic #2: I went to the gym and felt awesome. Then I came home and had two cookies.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Retro, baby.

It's snowing. Again. As if that would be surprising. It snows in winter. I should be used to this. I live in the North. My sister has this thang for retro. We have a infinite number of retro images saved to our computer, so why not put them to good use?

Drinking Pepsi-Cola will make you beautiful, refined, and in love. So drink it.

Weep away housewife. Your life is no fun, you have to wash dishes in a corset.

This orange-skyed land surely must be paradise.

Buying a 1949 Lincoln will make you beautiful, refined, and adored.

I do not see the appeal in this overly tanned man, his high-waist jeans and salt-and-pepper hair.

This however, gets my sign of approval.

(I was so close to making this entire post pictures of David Duchovny, Matthew Goode, Callum Blue and Josh Holloway. So close. Then that felt a tiny bit indulgent.)
I think I am going to watch the Olympic hockey game this Sunday! Also I am a traitor to my nation, because I want the Canadians to win, because they're hosting for heavens sake and they LIVE for hockey, and it'd be sad if didn't win. We can win next time. Tessa and Scott's freedance is finally on youtube. WATCH IT. TGIF.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Temporary Fandom Alert.

So I realized yesterday that I have nothing to obsess over. I usually have a movie, show, actor, book, or author who I go gaga about for a month or so, and then it dies down and then I pick someone else. But it's been over a month since I laid my eyes on an X-File, and new Howl and Sophie book shan't appear out of no where. And as much as I love LOST, it's a bit old-hat. My passionate love affair is long over with that show. So for the time being, I'll adopt skating as my fandom. (Evan Lysacek anyone?) But since I've been watching so freakin' much ice dancing lately, I'll just spam you with Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, 2010 gold medalists.

They are so cute, I can't even. They've been skating together since she was six and he was eight, or for 14 years.

They've won a gazillion Nationals and World medals, and I feel rather ashamed for not knowing who they until last week.

Look at them, all happy they won gold. (The fact Canada and the USA took gold and silver from those Russians makes me laugh.)

If this is my fandom for the time being, I assume it's only right to go into stan mode. "Omg gurlcrush and so sexy and ilu bbs now go have skating prodigy spawn ktnx."

They are perfectly in sync, and really elegant, but at the same time, they've got energy and passion, something that lots of skaters don't seem to have.

So cute. The end.

BONUS: Hi, Charlie and Meryl. You're cute too of course. But cut your hair Charlie, you look like a football player.

Tessa and Scott 2007 Worlds
Tessa and Scott 2009 Nationals
Meryl and Charlie OD Olympics

Okay. You know that 14-page paper? I just found something out today. Editing a 14-page paper is even harder then writing one.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Spawn Of Lost

Lost characters breed like rabbits. There are so many kiddies on that show! Many it's because the cast of Lost is massive, or maybe the writers really like kids? All the shows I watch have maybe one kid. I can think of Ella... William... Does Jothee count? But seriously, can you think of a show with this many children? I present all the beautiful kiddies of all the beautiful Losties!

Aaron Littleton. Claire's son, and possibly the most important Lost kiddie. He's an awesome example of "it takes a village." All the castaways helped raise this kid. Sun, Sawyer, Charlie, Shannon, Kate and Hurley all had big parts in his early life, which I guess could be seen as dangerous however, given the physics warning.

Aaron Austen. He's practically a different child when with Kate, so I'm going to treat him as one. This little boy is raised by an ex-con mom, a sometimes-there doctor dad/uncle and a ex-con-woman godmother. He has play-dates with his mom's ex-boyfriend's daughter. Surprisingly, he seems like a perfectly functioning 3-year-old.

Walter Lloyd. Michael's son. Sometimes I wonder if the writers did not have more plans for this kid that were thwarted with well, the actor being like 6ft now. He is special though, and I hope he's at least mentioned again.

Charlie Hume, Des and Pen's baby. He's rather harmless and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Except he's Desmond's baby and named after Charlie, so everyone loves him.

David Shepherd. Jack's son, mother unknown, and probably unimportant. Although I secretly want the mom to be Juliet. David sure had her eyes. Will David be special? Or he just a plot device to show how things are different in alta-verse? Time will tell.

Ji Yeon Kwon. Baby of Sun and Jin who are both candidates, and therefore Ji Yeon will probably be important too. Right now however, she's chilling with her grandma in Korea waiting for her crazy parents to come home.

Alex Rousseau. Danielle's daughter, Ben's adoptive daughter. That makes her twice as awesome. She's dead sadly, and only existed to haunt Ben's memory, but that is enough.

Clementine Phillips. Cassidy and Sawyer's daughter. This charming little preteen hangs with her mom and her dad's ex-girlfriend Kate. Hopefully she has no idea how messed up her parents really are. Oh, and Clementine is rich. Awesome.

Daniel Faraday. He deserves to be on this list because his parents are Ellie and Charles. He is Penny's half-brother, and baby Charlie's uncle. Sadly he's dead and will never know any of this.

This does not count adult characters that we have seen as children, like Ethan or Ben or every single freaking Lostie ever. Also just take a moment to remember all the miscarriages mentioned, and the minor character's kids, like Rachel's son or Liam's daughter. See what I mean? Beat that any other show ever.
Edit: I wrote a 14-page paper today. I want to die.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Got Sunshine: Reasons to be happy today.

Good days always follow bad days. Yesterday was bad, Sunday was good, Saturday was awful, Friday was great, and so-on backwards. It's getting to the point that it might be all in my head, and an awful day is awful, because it's the day-that-should-be-bad. But that doesn't matter because today is a good day. And I've got reasons to be happy. And not even reasons like, the world hasn't exploded and my heart is still beating. Real reasons.

Hulu had an iCarly episode on demand I'd never seen before. Freddie gets Sam's face tatooed on his arm, and you are telling me that this isn't an otp?!

Those adorable Canadian gold medalist ice dancers! They are so young and presh! They've been skating together since they were
eight. Ice dancing is so much prettier then ice skating. Less jumping and more style.

There is nothing as perfect as pancakes and coffee. We were going to get free pancakes at the IHOP, but the line was so long Daddy took us to the diner instead. The most beautiful thing in the world is breakfast out.

It's Scully's 46th birthday! Happy birthday, I hope you (and Mulder 'course) enjoy your day. It should be the
law that all fictional characters need canon birthdays. It makes life funner.

ONTD posted that the Telephone video is going to be released this week, if this is not a reason to rejoice, I don't know
what is.

This soundtrack, oh my gawd, this soundtrack is killing me. Comin' Home Baby sounds like School House Rock and On The Rebound is my new feel-good song.

It's raining, and when it rains people expect less from you, so it's easier to outdo yourself.


I love the world today. I must take advantage of this.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Yesterday, An Education was shown in good old-fashioned film, not digital. I know that digital is beautiful, flawless, practically real life. The last couple of movies I saw were in digital. Basically, you could hardly tell it was filmed. But I realized yesterday how much I miss that crackle sound before the movie starts, the slightly yellow tone, the random fuzz on the screen. The whole movie looked shot in Polaroids. And then that got me missing Polaroids. There's something not-quite-real about them, which, when not trying to capture real life, is magical.

Five songs you should listen to (or else i'll chase you with a redhot poker):
Mad World

Wrapped Around Your Little Finger
Pass This On
Smoke Without Fire
Grow Grow Grow

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Warning: This Is Not A Well Thought-Out Post

It's late and I had an epic day full of epic arguments, and really good food, and finally, at long last, going to see An Education! Hooray, Carey Mulligan! So I present, the last seven things I "liked" on Tumblr. Dull, yes, I know. But don't despair though, I shall eventually get tired of tumblring.

I want this birthday party, and I want it in Charlie's grove.

Ah, so true.

I adore these too so much. Probably too much. The fact that they are seriously, actually, finally together is too much for my heart to handle.

Whoever owns this house either found their true love, or is alone and miserable. I can't figure out which.

Death Cab!

Never seen this pretty man in a movie, but he's still like my favorite actor or something!

Hey, Marc Johns, some artists are badass and some are not. And you are one of the badass ones!

An Education was so good.
Work tomorrow. Ohgodno.