Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inside a black apple.

My favorite (and pretty much everyone's favorite) online artist, Black Apple!

This one is like my favorite.

Katie has a print of this from Etsy! Lucky girl.

Her newest one. She's improved so much, it's crazy.

From Oddfellow Orphanage.

My mom said that when she was a kid she has a print in her room that looked like this.

From Milkland. Probably her weirdest collection yet.

She's so awesome. Check out her blog for awesome jewelry, dolls, desserts, fashion, etc.
Today I plan on sleeping late. (I it's 1am and I have yet to go to bed.) And I plan on watching some Olympics. And reading. And not going anywhere or doing anything or thinking one useful though.

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous prints.