Friday, February 26, 2010

Retro, baby.

It's snowing. Again. As if that would be surprising. It snows in winter. I should be used to this. I live in the North. My sister has this thang for retro. We have a infinite number of retro images saved to our computer, so why not put them to good use?

Drinking Pepsi-Cola will make you beautiful, refined, and in love. So drink it.

Weep away housewife. Your life is no fun, you have to wash dishes in a corset.

This orange-skyed land surely must be paradise.

Buying a 1949 Lincoln will make you beautiful, refined, and adored.

I do not see the appeal in this overly tanned man, his high-waist jeans and salt-and-pepper hair.

This however, gets my sign of approval.

(I was so close to making this entire post pictures of David Duchovny, Matthew Goode, Callum Blue and Josh Holloway. So close. Then that felt a tiny bit indulgent.)
I think I am going to watch the Olympic hockey game this Sunday! Also I am a traitor to my nation, because I want the Canadians to win, because they're hosting for heavens sake and they LIVE for hockey, and it'd be sad if didn't win. We can win next time. Tessa and Scott's freedance is finally on youtube. WATCH IT. TGIF.

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention that the overly tan man's high waist jeans have an ELASTIC waist band!