Friday, February 5, 2010

Associating Stuff With Other Stuff

You know when there is that one book/tv show that you can't read/watch without think about a certain song? Yeah, I bet you do.
Enjoy an odd selection of badly made manips by yours truly.

Farscape and Somebody Told Me by The Killers. I blame my mother and this music video. The very sound of Brandon Flower's voice makes me think about Farscape.

Percy Jackson and Coin Laundry by Liza Mitchell. For about four consecutive weeks I would sit in the Pratt Cafe, "write" my history paper, listen to this song on repeat and then read Percy when I gave up on writing.

Fringe and Death Cab For Cutie, the whole freaking band. So, I always catch the last 5 minutes of Bones before Fringe, and I see Emily and then I think about Zooey and then I think about Ben and then I think about Death Cab right around when the opening credits start. Weird train of thought, but true.

Harry Potter and the entire album Le Fil by Camille. So basically for two consecutive weeks I lay in bed, listening to Camille, reading Harry Potter, not bothering to notice the light of day.

LOST and the album Long Island Shores by Mindy Smith. Really no reason here except for in winter 2007 I watched lots of LOST and listened to lots of Mindy Smith. No amusing mental connection here.

The Odyssey and the album, The Reminder by Feist. I'm just going to pretend this makes sense, ktnx.

X-Files and basically everything by Sufjan Stevens. Well, Sufjan likes to sing about UFOs, serial killers, aliens, really bad Christmas', people dying of cancer, and small-town America, which basically covers everything in the X-Files. It's a pretty obvious connection here.

The Reluctant Heiress and Michael Buble. I'm not sure where this came form. Probably because Amanda really loves both these things? Whenever I hear Michael Buble on the radio, I'm like... Eva Ibbotson, ta-da!

Life is good. I had two sandwiches the size of two very large things today. With turkey, peperjack cheese, red wine vinegar, spinach and other yumminess. Two was unnecessary though. One may have sufficed.
Fringe last night killed me dead.
I used to be against Peter/Olivia, but last night changed my mind. I think they come to that point where (not unlike Mulder/Scully) who else is going to understand when they have to cancel a date to help Walter do drug tests of leave in the middle of the night to go solve freaky-science-crimes? No one, exactly. But now that I give them my consent, it's over. Only if I was Olivia I wouldn't have stood there nobly with some silent tears, I would have punched Walter and ran away as fast as I could.


Anonymous said...

I love the bones/fringe thing! lol.

Liza Q said...

I really enjoyed this!