Sunday, February 21, 2010

Warning: This Is Not A Well Thought-Out Post

It's late and I had an epic day full of epic arguments, and really good food, and finally, at long last, going to see An Education! Hooray, Carey Mulligan! So I present, the last seven things I "liked" on Tumblr. Dull, yes, I know. But don't despair though, I shall eventually get tired of tumblring.

I want this birthday party, and I want it in Charlie's grove.

Ah, so true.

I adore these too so much. Probably too much. The fact that they are seriously, actually, finally together is too much for my heart to handle.

Whoever owns this house either found their true love, or is alone and miserable. I can't figure out which.

Death Cab!

Never seen this pretty man in a movie, but he's still like my favorite actor or something!

Hey, Marc Johns, some artists are badass and some are not. And you are one of the badass ones!

An Education was so good.
Work tomorrow. Ohgodno.

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Anonymous said...

Marc Johns IS amazing! I love his book that YOU got me and i read it all the time!
I am glad An Education was good. Sad to say i wont see it in the theaters but i will when it is out on DVD :D