Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Real Men Wear Kilts.

Please enjoy some of the most beautiful men to have ever walked God's green earth, walking it in a kilt.
Many of the pictures are disappointingly small or low-rez. Obviously there was too much hot for the camera to handle?

Hey, John Barrowman, love the socks dude.

James McAvoy, is going to be a daddy. Good for you, spread those awesome genes around.

Rock those tasseled sock Ewan. Work it.

Bless your Scottish heart, Duchovny.

Oh, Chuck Bass. How hip of you.

David Tennant, I should have known you could look equally glorious in whatever you wore.

(This post should win an award for Coolest Thing Ever or something.)

Oscars Update:
Up got a nomination for Best Picture. OMG YES.
Carey Mulligan got nominated for Best Actress. THANK YOU TPTB.
Half-Blood Prince got nominated for Best Cinematography. HOW AWESOME.
If Avatar wins (which it won't) but if it does, I may loose all hope in humanity.


Brittany Ann said...

My American brain insists upon going "man in skirt". It does not recognize that this traditional Scottish garb here.

Oh James McAvoy...<3 and as for Chuck Bass....(His face so says "But do I look COOL enough??")

And yeah Coolest Thing Ever award to ya. A Scottish-American guy I know had a full Scottish wedding--all groomsmen in the clan kilt and the bridesmaids in matching plaid dresses. Such win.

Sabe said...

Plaid is awesome!
I'm pretty "American" here, but we're just a tiny bit Scottish, and obviously it's enough for me to find kilts sexah. ;) Or maybe I only like them on previously attractive men?

Anonymous said...

Hot stuff (accept Chuck. Not a fan).
David Tennet *swoon*

Sabe said...

Does this mean you include The Duchovny among the hot?

guitargirl said...

Squee! :D