Saturday, February 20, 2010

"But while the seaguls are crying..."

I just want to move to New England and put candles in my windows and then marry a sailor or some old-fashioned-fantasy-like-that and then get on a boat and never come back.

Peggy Sue. One of the most watery, delish bands ever. They're all icey and nautical and New-Englandy. This be my favorite of theirs.

Moby-Dick. I sort of thought I'd hate it... but omg, I love this book so much. It wasn't even hard to get through, and although I can't pretend that I have any idea what Moby was really supposed to represent, I still rank it as a favorite.
(I know this cover is actually for some play on it, but the whale was so nice I had to use it.)

Seabird, by Holling C. Holling. I'm not sure if I ever actually read the words in this book, but the illustrations surpass everything amazing ever. [/exaggeration]

Downright Dencey. I wish there was a never-ending supply or books like this in the world. I wish Caroline Dale Snedeker never stopped writing them, and I could spend the rest of my life reading about whaling towns.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. No one I know liked this movie. My friends still bring up how utterly disappointing it was. I however hold the unpopular opinion that it was awesome. It was so watery! That battle in the rain was gorgeous! The soundtrack was spectacular! Also Will/Elizabeth are my SUPERSEKRITOTP... don't tell.

The Decemberists. They are so nautical and old-fashioned! They make me think of whaling and boats and old, old wharfs. This one is my favorite.

Sea Story, Brambly Hedge. This is totally my favorite Brambly story, the illustrations are superb and I just love Poppy and Dusty together. (woodland creature otp, heck yes.)

I'm watching The Patriot (halfheartedly while blogging, but it counts.) and DUDE, JAYNE COBB AND KEVIN TIDWELL ARE IN THIS MOVIE, WHERE HAVE I BEEN? Also, if Heath was still alive and 10 years younger, he's be my perfect Johnny. One day they'll make a good movie of that book.
And today I bought Stardust by Artie, Singing in the Rain by Gene, We Both Go Down Together by The Decemberists and So You Say by Bird and the Bee and I'm so happy you have no idea.
But now it's almost 4:30pm and I still have short answers to write for history. Oh, joy.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVED "Worlds End"! It was one of my fave's.
If you are going to move to New England go to Cape Cod! I was there twice for a vacation and it is one of the most beautiful places i have ever been.