Sunday, February 7, 2010

Look upward, and share the wonders I have seen!

Farscape is one of those shows that you ever love or hate. It aired on Syfy for four years before it was canceled, and it's budget was given to Battle Star Galactica. About three years ago maybe my mom borrowed all the seasons from our cousin, and we watched a bunch with them with her. Now she got the complete boxed set for her birthday, and we're re-watching them all, from the beginning. There are way too many characters to go over, so here are my favorites.

John Crichton and Aeryn Sun. Pretty much the Farscape OTP. John is a very lost astronaut who makes friends with lots of escaped prisoner aliens. Aeryn is a Peacekeeper who helped John and the rest of Moya's crew, and then was basically fired from being a Peacekeeper. They have an epic love story, and have a baby. But their relationship does have it's bumps in the road, like when he goes crazy, when she fall in love with Other John who dies... stuff like that.

Ka D'Argo. He's John's best friend, a Luxan, who was falsely accused of murdering his wife. He wants to go home and find him son, but it's never that easy on Moya. He's really bossy and a little scary, but everyone loves him anyway.

Rygel XVI. He looks like a frog or something, but he is Dominar of like a kazillion people, but his cousin overthrew him and imprisoned him. He's been in Peacekeeper jail for like a hundred years. Hynerians live very long.

Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan. She is a Delvian priestess who is also a bit of an anarchist who got put in jail for murder by the Peacekeepers. She's really calm, and blue, has a great fashion sense, and is a plant. Yup. A plant.

Chiana is a Nebari who refused to be brainwashed by her kind, and was imprisoned because of it. Moya's crew take her in, because they're all ex-prisoners anyway. She's gray and twitchy and crazy and completely adorable.

Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu. She is terribly smart, is an expert on Leviathans and has a big crush on Scorpius. She may or may not have died in the end, but I hope she didn't, she's just too awesome to have died.

Scorpius. John's arch enemy... but also kinda John's friend. He wants John's wormhole technology and he is half Scarran, half Sebacean. He is one of the best villains ever.

Crais Bialar. He's an "insane military commander" who wants to find and kill John, Aeryn, D'Argo, etc. But then in the end he's good and he dies and it's sad. He loves Talan, Moya's baby.

Stark. He's my favorite, and it's his job to send dying people to "the other side" and he's in love with Zaah and he's just like... amazing.

Farscape really pushes the boundaries of even sci-fi with its plant people and living ships and wormholes and Scarrans and clones and really-fast-growing-babies.
Today is like the most boring day ever. I want to go somewhere, but have no money. Phooey.


Sabe said...

i'm gonna comment on my own post cause the 0 was bothering me.
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Liza Q said...

This post makes me happy.

Girl from the north said...

Amazing serie! my favorite! great characters and such a wonderful story, deep, fun & so creative.