Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My favorite teas

I love tea. Sometimes I am afraid that my passionate adoration for coffee, and all the sleep it allows you to lose, would make one forget my first love, tea.

Yogi Ginger. This tea is a herbal, non-caf tea, perfect for 5-7pm.

Stash Raspberry. A springy, fruity tea, perfect for late mornings. It's decaf though.

Twinings English Afternoon Tea. My personal favorite, which I drink anytime from about 11-5pm. It's seriously caffeinated though.

Bigelow Mint Medley. Good for mornings, when I don't need caffeine, but just want to relax.

Twinings Lady Gray. My morning tea, I like it with breakfast.

Yogi Bedtime. Perfect for about 7pm or later. You really do want this right before bed.

Lost last night blew my brain up. I keep thinking of rational answers to all these questions, just because of that stupid cave scene. But Sawyer, please, do not trust Mysterious Man In Black. He may look like your bff Locky, but stayyy cleaarrrr!


Anonymous said...

Lost last night WAS amazing! It had such a first season vibe. And poor Sawyer! You feel so bad for the guy. And why wasn't Kate's name there? and i still feel that Widmore is at the bottom of this!

Melissa said...

I would like to throw in a vote for Twining's Earl Grey. More masculine than the Lady, very strong and earthy. Bigelow makes a good one too. Two tablespoons sugar and a glop of milk.

I have to try this English Afternoon Tea. I find English Breakfast very bitter, not unlike the typical Orange Pekoe (Lipton, guh) tea.

Very awesome post. I love love tea.

Sabe said...

English Afternoon is really hard to find, but it's absolutely perfect. When we do find it, my family buys like four boxes. And Lipton is horrible, I agree there!

Brittany Ann said...

Yogi makes good teas...they have this Woman's Moon Cycle one that is really good, but always makes me laugh a) because of the title & purpose & b) the fact that the people I know who have it always offer it to male visitors.