Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Got Sunshine: Reasons to be happy today.

Good days always follow bad days. Yesterday was bad, Sunday was good, Saturday was awful, Friday was great, and so-on backwards. It's getting to the point that it might be all in my head, and an awful day is awful, because it's the day-that-should-be-bad. But that doesn't matter because today is a good day. And I've got reasons to be happy. And not even reasons like, the world hasn't exploded and my heart is still beating. Real reasons.

Hulu had an iCarly episode on demand I'd never seen before. Freddie gets Sam's face tatooed on his arm, and you are telling me that this isn't an otp?!

Those adorable Canadian gold medalist ice dancers! They are so young and presh! They've been skating together since they were
eight. Ice dancing is so much prettier then ice skating. Less jumping and more style.

There is nothing as perfect as pancakes and coffee. We were going to get free pancakes at the IHOP, but the line was so long Daddy took us to the diner instead. The most beautiful thing in the world is breakfast out.

It's Scully's 46th birthday! Happy birthday, I hope you (and Mulder 'course) enjoy your day. It should be the
law that all fictional characters need canon birthdays. It makes life funner.

ONTD posted that the Telephone video is going to be released this week, if this is not a reason to rejoice, I don't know
what is.

This soundtrack, oh my gawd, this soundtrack is killing me. Comin' Home Baby sounds like School House Rock and On The Rebound is my new feel-good song.

It's raining, and when it rains people expect less from you, so it's easier to outdo yourself.


I love the world today. I must take advantage of this.


Anonymous said...

It is nice you can find happy things in Feb.
I am actually looking forward to Lady GaGa's new video...and I am not ashamed to say it!

OMG LOST!!!! cant wait.

Melissa said...

Breakfast out IS beautiful.

That is a very good picture of Sawyer's neck.