Sunday, February 14, 2010

Top Five Sci-Fi Couples (And chocolate)

It's Valentine's Day. I hate Valentine's Day. Just like any other self-respecting single teenage girl without a crush who has gotten sick from too much chocolate at least once in her life. I suppose this calls for a post full of schmaltz then, no?
I picked these five couples because their love transcends space and time. (Also the laws of physics and biology. Romantic enough yet? Good.) Their love can survive alien abductions and time travel, carbon freezing, cloning, and pretty much anything. They aren't couples from sci-fi. They are sci-fi couples. And everyone knows sci-fi couples are most romantic.
*Warning: Inter-species relationships are condoned in the following*

John Crichton and Aeryn Sun. First of all, they would have never met if it wasn't for wormholes. And they couldn't understand each other without translation microbes. Plus their son is a super-fast-Peacekeeper-baby, John splits into two, and they get blown up, then put back together, baby, engagement ring and all. Now, that is a love based in sci-fi.

Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Well, does the fact that he's from Krypton mean anything? Or the whole super powers thing? Their cannon differs a bit depending on what comics you read, what shows you watch, and what your favorite movies are, but Lois and Clark are Soulmates and Epic and Belong Together. On any plant, any dimension, any universe.

Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor. They don't really spend a lot of time together, but there is something right about them. I mean, he time travels to her! They save the world together, because they're John's parents! They're destiny, meant to be, predestined to be in love! io9 said it best. "Their love is a time paradox, and paradoxes are automatically romantic."

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Scully was abducted, had all her reproductive stuff stolen, got alien cancer, an alien transplant. Mulder was also abducted, and both of them had files in the Scary File Cabinet of Smallpox Vaccines. Basically, they would have never found each other without the X-Files, and if Mulder had been wrong, she would have quit, and they would have never fallen in love.

Han Solo and Leia Organa. They are practically the first Epic Sci-fi Love Story Ever. (Excuse the excess of capitalization.) They are such complete soul mates that Luke became Leia's brother to kill off the Luke/Leia fanatics. She saves him from carbon freezing! He rescues her from the Death Star! She loves him, and he knows! It's fate!

Here, my friends, have some chocolate.

Have some more.

1. I know I left of Doctor/Rose, but it didn't seem right to include them. They don't have a happy ending, they don't stay together forever, and truly, he can never really love her, or anyone else.
2. Now go read this brilliant review of What Kate Does. The author is a die-hard Skater, but she has some excellent insight.
3. I miss T:tscc so much right now.
I really need a life. Thankfully Smallville and Fringe both have 90% chances of renewal no need to fret this year.
4. I've got school to do if I want to go out tomorrow, and to the movies Tuesday. So enough moping Sarah. You've been single for 16 years, you should be used to it by now. Math time.


Brittany Ann said...

Han & Leia are amazing--first relationship I ever age 5. And Han was my first crush. On that note, who needs a boyfriend? You have Han, Sawyer, Desmond, etc.

Liza Q said...

*Warning: Inter-species relationships are condoned in the following*