Monday, February 1, 2010

Everyone has some hipster in them.

Everyone who knows me knows I don't see eye to eye with hipsters. Just something about their Kanye glasses, septum piercings, low-fi music and seven scarves in the summer. But even the best of people have a little hipster in them.

It's still a great dream of mine to go to Pratt. I mean, I can't draw particularly well, and don't even WANT to be an artist, but every time I go there I get this overwhelming need to chill on the lawn with an Macbook and four-inch-heels-with-a-sweatshirt.

Things with birds on them. Okay, this is seriously vague, but it's true. I love birds, and so do hipsters. On anything and everything.

I'm a sucker for Whole Foods. That place is like heaven with it's variety of produce, aisles and aisles of granola, every sort of hot food imaginable, desserts and a bakery and cappuccino bar and florist. For someone who likes to eat above almost everything else, I can't stay away. Same with Trader Joe's.

Oh, Juno. I love this movie, I can't help it. The script with all it's clever turns of phrase was a bit much, true, but the acting was great, and Juno was totally likable which is surprising for an indie film. (See: Nick and Nora, 500 Days) And I'll admit it, the music was great.

Iron and Wine. Love this band. I guess it's not so indie anymore thanks to Twilight, but whatever. They're really amazing.

Ozzies. As a New Yorker who goes into Park Slope a lot, it's impossible to ignore Ozzies. There are two locations, and you can't go very far without hearing some hipster talk about going there. But their coffee is amazing, and their treats are great, and they sell DUB pies and they're really beautiful. So I eat there.

Urban Outfitters. I really do love this store. All the witty mugs and books and decor and owls and stuff. The clothes isn't so special, but everything else is.

Way too much school today. At least I've got the day off from work. I stayed up late last night watching Farscape. I felt like a good idea at the time.

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Melissa said...

You're so right about Urban Outfitters. I think I've only bought one piece of clothing there, ever, but I've also bought a Munny doll, a mini statue of Buddha, earrings, shoes, etc.

Oh, and I loved birds before they were indie! Way back in 2005!