Monday, February 22, 2010


Yesterday, An Education was shown in good old-fashioned film, not digital. I know that digital is beautiful, flawless, practically real life. The last couple of movies I saw were in digital. Basically, you could hardly tell it was filmed. But I realized yesterday how much I miss that crackle sound before the movie starts, the slightly yellow tone, the random fuzz on the screen. The whole movie looked shot in Polaroids. And then that got me missing Polaroids. There's something not-quite-real about them, which, when not trying to capture real life, is magical.

Five songs you should listen to (or else i'll chase you with a redhot poker):
Mad World

Wrapped Around Your Little Finger
Pass This On
Smoke Without Fire
Grow Grow Grow

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Anonymous said...

I have the coolest picture of me and it is a Polaroid. It was taken right before we moved to PA. Great post!