Thursday, February 11, 2010

Magical Victorian Vaguely Steampunk Love

There's nothing as awesome as a sort of magical, kinda sci-fi, seriously metaphysical, vaguely steampunk story, set in the Victorian Era.

Ruby in the Smoke, Phillip Pullman. This was really good. I had been hesitant to read him, just because of the whole Dark Materials kerfuffle. But it was really exciting and awesome, and I think I'll read more of his books.

The Prestige. One of my favorite movies ever! It's such a cool mystery/thriller, and it has Hugh Jackman in it, which is a plus. Every time I watch it I feel like I get it a little more.

Three of Swords. Two acquaintances of mine are writing and illustrating a series of Victorian magical mysteries. There are lots of pretty men and rich ladies and adorable familiars. They already finished Volume 1, and are working on the next ones. It is really the most impressive feat, and puts the rest of us lazy young adults to shame.

The Unquiet Dead/The Girl in the Fireplace/Tooth and Claw/Family of Blood/The Next Doctor. Doctor Who has the most epic Victorian episodes ever. You've got clockwork monsters, werewolves, ghosts, aliens, pretty much everything in these episodes. I hope Eleven gets some excellent Victorian episodes!

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 1. After reading Watchmen I decided I needed to read more Alan Moore. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen wasn't as good as Watchmen obviously, but it was really exciting and beautiful anyway. The invisible guy was the best.

Hellboy. So not really Victorian? Yeah, not really. But it feels Victorian, and the art direction is magical, and it has clockwork creatures and it counts, whatever.

I hope we can go ice skating today. If it's rescheduled, I'll have taken a day off from work for nothing, and have to take NEXT Thursday off too.
And if you have a suggestion of some book or movie that's all magical and Victorian, share please!


Anonymous said...

SOO right about the Dr Who. Tooth and Claw is on of my all time favorite episodes.
The Prestige is a great movie. I like that is is fantasy/sci-fi and you can never tell which one it actually is.

Brittany Ann said...

First of all, <3. Thank you. I want to like hug you, so insert virtual hug here, lol. teehee

Pullman is pretty great. There's a Ruby in the Smoke movie that I'm dying to see...Just warning you however the book sequels get a little kill-happy on much of the cast. And The prestige & Hellboy are awesome!! And Alan Moore is a genius.

More magical Victorian goodness:
Phoenix Requiem, a webcomic by Sarah Ellerton :

"Sorcery & Cecilia" by Patricia C Wrede & Caroline Stevermer is such wonderfulness. And it has a sequel that had me bouncing about in joy.

"Godchild" a manga by Kaori Yuki is good too...but it's REALLY VIOLENT and the bromance gets just a hair away from being totally gay, so consider yourself warned.

And ok, this is not Victorian, but it's a magical world w/ an amazing bromance: The Knight & Rogue series by the incredible Hilari Bell.


Sabe said...

yay, thankyou!

Melissa said...

I am so flattered. :'D Thank you.

I would have to say the new Sherlock Holmes was pretty Victorian-steampunk awesome. Not everyone's cup of tea (har har) but I loved it.

Hm, I'd have to second The Phoenix Requiem and Godchild.