Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Spawn Of Lost

Lost characters breed like rabbits. There are so many kiddies on that show! Many it's because the cast of Lost is massive, or maybe the writers really like kids? All the shows I watch have maybe one kid. I can think of Ella... William... Does Jothee count? But seriously, can you think of a show with this many children? I present all the beautiful kiddies of all the beautiful Losties!

Aaron Littleton. Claire's son, and possibly the most important Lost kiddie. He's an awesome example of "it takes a village." All the castaways helped raise this kid. Sun, Sawyer, Charlie, Shannon, Kate and Hurley all had big parts in his early life, which I guess could be seen as dangerous however, given the physics warning.

Aaron Austen. He's practically a different child when with Kate, so I'm going to treat him as one. This little boy is raised by an ex-con mom, a sometimes-there doctor dad/uncle and a ex-con-woman godmother. He has play-dates with his mom's ex-boyfriend's daughter. Surprisingly, he seems like a perfectly functioning 3-year-old.

Walter Lloyd. Michael's son. Sometimes I wonder if the writers did not have more plans for this kid that were thwarted with well, the actor being like 6ft now. He is special though, and I hope he's at least mentioned again.

Charlie Hume, Des and Pen's baby. He's rather harmless and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Except he's Desmond's baby and named after Charlie, so everyone loves him.

David Shepherd. Jack's son, mother unknown, and probably unimportant. Although I secretly want the mom to be Juliet. David sure had her eyes. Will David be special? Or he just a plot device to show how things are different in alta-verse? Time will tell.

Ji Yeon Kwon. Baby of Sun and Jin who are both candidates, and therefore Ji Yeon will probably be important too. Right now however, she's chilling with her grandma in Korea waiting for her crazy parents to come home.

Alex Rousseau. Danielle's daughter, Ben's adoptive daughter. That makes her twice as awesome. She's dead sadly, and only existed to haunt Ben's memory, but that is enough.

Clementine Phillips. Cassidy and Sawyer's daughter. This charming little preteen hangs with her mom and her dad's ex-girlfriend Kate. Hopefully she has no idea how messed up her parents really are. Oh, and Clementine is rich. Awesome.

Daniel Faraday. He deserves to be on this list because his parents are Ellie and Charles. He is Penny's half-brother, and baby Charlie's uncle. Sadly he's dead and will never know any of this.

This does not count adult characters that we have seen as children, like Ethan or Ben or every single freaking Lostie ever. Also just take a moment to remember all the miscarriages mentioned, and the minor character's kids, like Rachel's son or Liam's daughter. See what I mean? Beat that any other show ever.
Edit: I wrote a 14-page paper today. I want to die.


Brittany Ann said...

What do you mean Aaron Austen is perfectly functioning? He's one of the worst child actors ever...I mean, yes, he's only a toddler, but Mary-Kate & Ashley Olson were better! He reminded me of a toddler on another show...I was convinced the poor kid was supposed be retarded, his acting was so bad. Aaron has ZERO emotions! I mean, his mommy loses him in the supermarket and when she finds him and picks him up, he gazes lifelessly over his shoulder. Were they TRYING to make him creepy??

And Walt. What...they never explained...his powers? why did the Others want him?? And ooohhh spoilers...

Sabe said...

Lol I agree with everything you said about Aaron! But he doesn't show any signs of arrested development or uncontrollable anger or anything, so I'm assuming he's mentally stable. ;)

Anonymous said...

I never paid much attention to the older Aaron (i liked baby Aaron), but now that i think about it i agree with you Brittany.
Great post Sar-Sar.

Juanita's Journal said...

The kid's name is Aaron Littleton, not Aaron Austen. Good grief!