Thursday, February 25, 2010

Temporary Fandom Alert.

So I realized yesterday that I have nothing to obsess over. I usually have a movie, show, actor, book, or author who I go gaga about for a month or so, and then it dies down and then I pick someone else. But it's been over a month since I laid my eyes on an X-File, and new Howl and Sophie book shan't appear out of no where. And as much as I love LOST, it's a bit old-hat. My passionate love affair is long over with that show. So for the time being, I'll adopt skating as my fandom. (Evan Lysacek anyone?) But since I've been watching so freakin' much ice dancing lately, I'll just spam you with Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, 2010 gold medalists.

They are so cute, I can't even. They've been skating together since she was six and he was eight, or for 14 years.

They've won a gazillion Nationals and World medals, and I feel rather ashamed for not knowing who they until last week.

Look at them, all happy they won gold. (The fact Canada and the USA took gold and silver from those Russians makes me laugh.)

If this is my fandom for the time being, I assume it's only right to go into stan mode. "Omg gurlcrush and so sexy and ilu bbs now go have skating prodigy spawn ktnx."

They are perfectly in sync, and really elegant, but at the same time, they've got energy and passion, something that lots of skaters don't seem to have.

So cute. The end.

BONUS: Hi, Charlie and Meryl. You're cute too of course. But cut your hair Charlie, you look like a football player.

Tessa and Scott 2007 Worlds
Tessa and Scott 2009 Nationals
Meryl and Charlie OD Olympics

Okay. You know that 14-page paper? I just found something out today. Editing a 14-page paper is even harder then writing one.


Brittany Ann said...

Gah. Tessa & Scott. So cute. As much as I support USA...If Tessa & Scott hadn't won that would've be an injustice.

And aw Charlie's hair is not that bad! I've seen a lot of bad male haircuts lately--at least his is neat!

Sabe said...

Charlie and Meryl were so AMERICAN, it was adorable!
And yeah, I was soo happy for Tessa and Scott, it would have been a mega upset if they didn't win.

Brittany Ann said...

That Russian skater girl was so obvously pissed You just know she thought she deserved GOLD.

Anonymous said...

NUUU Charlers don't cut your hair I love it. <333

They're both so cute - Merlie and Tesscott. <3 My skating idols. :D