Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To Be Lost Is To Be A Lostie

To be lost is to be a Losite. I'm pretty sure that's why they named it Lost, they were referring to the state of their viewers about 78% of the time. But this show is a puzzle, it's a mystery. We shouldn't expect them to tell us anything, we need to put it together ourselves. And six years later? Well, by now you should know how the game is played. LAX was old-school and awesome. Lets just keep our eyes peeled and enjoy the ride. It's the last time we can.
I could ramble about this till kingdom come, but I'm going to pace myself and cover 7 highlights and 2 disappointments in last nights episode.

1. About half a dozen of the theories I've held near and dear to my heart all hiatus long came true. The ash, Locke being Smoky, the two timelines, Juliet dying, meeting the rest of the inhabitants. Jacob coming back... JACOB'S LIST. Thank you. I'm brilliant.

2. I've got Lois and Clark, John and Aeryn, MULDER and SCULLY for crying out loud, to obsesses over. Why do I still care about Sawyer and Kate? But come on, playing the Skate theme in the temple? Yeah, I dug it. That elevator scene with Skate? Yeah, I dug it. Shut up. Maybe a sparkling, criminal Skate in alter-universe have a chance at love. Kate and Sawyer light up when they're together, they stop being pale, miserable beings. They have fun, they're happy. They are the only point of the love quadrangle that actually seems happy around each other. Blame it on the actors, blame it on chemistry, but there is something to be said for chemistry. Skate has it.


4. Seeing Terry O'Quinn play not!Locke. He's so great at it, he's like someone totally different, he's amazing. And that dark, sinister look in his eye... I'm going to enjoy him this season, very much.

5. Those scenes in LAX, of everyone getting off the plane. That's what we've been waiting for. Ever since that montage at the end of Season 1, that's what we've been anticipating. Them just getting off the plane, unscathed, unknowing. It was really magical in a way. And comforting. Are Juliet and Sawyer meant to be? Is Skate fate? If they are, they'll find each other. The universe has it's way.

6. The mythology finally is holding together. They were smart, really smart, to go down a Terminatoresque route with the time travel. It works. Anything is possible. No more theories, it just is. Course Correction, Timey Wimey, Bubble Universes and Linear Rewriting just have too many rules.

7. The bromances. Sawyer tells Kate he won't kill Jack... he loves him too much, sorry, but it's true. Boone and Locke? Locke and Jack? Desmond and Jack? It was like bromance heaven, something that this show has less and less of with each progressing season.

1. The first thing I didn't like. Was it just me? I love Sayid, I've been afraid of him dying since Season 3. But I feel like his "death" lacked any emotion. Like no one was really sad? Maybe because I knew alt-universe Sayid is running around? Maybe because I suspected him coming back as Jacob? I actually felt a little bored watching those scenes.

2. If you know my thoughts on this show at all, you'll be anticipating this. Sawyer and Juliet I have long held among my favorite characters. Ever since Sawyer first smiled, all dimples and sunshine. Ever since Juliet first burned her muffins. So imagine my joy when two beloved characters of mine started playing house and giving each other flowers! Huzzah! (Hahahaha.... NO.) I tried to like it, I tried to love it. But it just felt wrong, like finding out two of your best platonic friends are dating. Like a slightly off dream. And it's horrible, and I feel horrible, because I'm actually happy Juliet died, if it means that this mess of a plot device is over.

Yeah okay. That's enough Sarah.
Just one more thing. This show isn't very pretty when you screencap it. :( Too much gray and green.

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