Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jump, Pump, Slide, Glide... Read... Please.

I like books. And movies are cool. But just as television shows pwn movies every single time, a good series is just better. I like being with my characters for really long times. A really, really, long time. So here are pictures of some of my favorite series'. And if you haven't read any of these, go read them. All of them. You can sit someone down and force them to watch a two hour movie. (If you're my friend, then you can remember the day I forced you to watch Serenity. Remember? Exactly.) You can't, however, sit some one down and tell them to read a book, thus books require extra pestering. I shan't bother telling you to read each individually. But seriously. Read them.

Betsy-Tacy, the most epic saga of all time. We're with Betsy from her 5th birthday to well after her wedding. All the supporting characters are your best friends before you're done. We own... three copies of each book.

Most underloved series of all-time perhaps? Taran and Eilonwy by themselves are amazing enough, but omg, Gurgi and Coll and THE ORACULAR PIG. When will someone look up from Twilight long enough to remember these lovelies?

Lordy Almighty, I need to reread Harry Potter. I was thinking about how awesome Lupin and Tonks were yesterday, and I realized it's been over 6 months since I picked one of them up...

Percy Jackson, obviously. A very attractive series on the outside, as well as inside. I've sung its praises plot-wise, so now I'd like to tell you that they type-face is beautiful and the binding is nice, and the spacing on the chapter title pages is just ideal.

This series is written for a 8-10 age group, but there's nothing quite as comfortable as Abby Hayes. When there's nothing to read, nothing even to reread, you can always turn here.

Oh hello Narnia, long time no read. I have mixed feeling about this series, some of them I don't really like, but Voyage of the Dawn Treader was my favorite book for years.

The Casson Books. I've never met someone whose read these, but they're just amazing. They're about a modern British family who does stuff- running off to Italy, getting nose studs, exploring the Arctic, getting married and painting the sky on cardboard.

Oh, Percy my love, Annabeth isn't all that special... love me instead! The movie was a bit more like Further-Adventures-Of and a bit less like The Lightning Thief, but whatever, it was pretty. And had ~Logan~ in it. I've given up on movie adaptations.
Today promises to be a day of normality. School, coffee, school, lunch, school, dinner, reading, Farscape, computer, tea, bed.
(If you do not recognize the title of this post, you had a deprived childhood.)


Anonymous said...

Great book choices. And i totally get the Serenity comment! You forced me and it caused me to run out and buy it the day i got back from NY (even though i was broke) and to watch the series! So i guess i owe you a thanks :D

Brittany Ann said...

Oh. I didn't even read the text at first--I just saw a collection of books and...ahh. There is just something so beautiful about a large collection of you can admire the bindings... <3

Great book choices here...I will try to check out the ones I don't know. I tried reading the Prydain books when I was younger, but I hated Taran & Eilonwy...I only like The Black Cauldron, but they killed my favorite character. :'( Lloyd Alexander is an amazing writer though. If you haven't read his Westmark trilogy, I Insist you do so!!