Saturday, February 13, 2010

Life Recently, Emphasis on Food.

I can't really think of anything interesting to post, so enjoy these picture taken over the last few days of stuff.

My sister made cheddar broccoli bacon soup and it was amazing.

I snowed (duh) and my dad made like 30 mini snowmen.

I did lots of school this week. See?

And I had hot chocolate with REAL marshmallows, not just those yucky ones in the packets.

The snow was beautiful for a while. Now it's just in piles of grey ice and slush.

I basically eat this for lunch every day. Sometimes along with soup, or a sandwich or leftovers. But the hummus and cheese always remain.

I treated myself to Starbucks this week! It felt good to spend a little money.

Some of my German writing.

We had pizza last night because our mother left us to go have fun. And me and my dad were feeling lazy.

It's Saturday. That means doing laundry. Cleaning rooms. Watching movies. And of course, writing that history paper I've been putting off.
Why do you think I'm blogging? My mind is completely empty. I've lost the ability to write sentences. I refuse to write it yet.


Brittany Ann said...

Dude you are seriously the hardest working homeschooler ever. I spent my high school years...doing...doing...Well, I'm not sure what, but it wasn't anything useful. And it definitely wasn't school, lol. I mean--school on Saturday?? Homeschoolers usually don't do that.

My brother works at starbucks and one of his supervisors loathes the Valentine's Day cups so much that when she's present they're not allowed to use them.

That soup looks YUM. And the mini snowmen are awesome.

Anonymous said...

The crucible! How do you like it? The snow is so pretty, and those little snowmen ROCK!!

Sabe said...

Brittany, my mother is a bit of a tyrant, but in a good way. She is bound and determined for us to get really good educations or something. I do do more school then most of my homeschooled friends, but I don't really mind...

And Meagan, i sorta hated The Crucible, lol.