Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cleverness is absent. But casts are present.

I wanted to do a Hello, Dolly! post because it was such a lovely movie, but there are about 2 pictures available online and I can't find screencaps. But I found a picture of Louis and Barbra and Gene and I was like, "Cast pictures are awesome!" It always gives me the warm fuzzies when casts are doing happy things together.
Excuse my lack of clever, I'm tired dearies.

Louis Armstrong, Barbra Streisand and Gene The Awesome.

Michael and Sawyer out to dinner with their wives!

Adorable Star Wars cast picture, everyone from Chewbacca to R2D2!

Aw, Skinner needs more love.

Damian with Sarah and Narcissa. (That was a lot of fun to type.)

Allison Mack is the cutest thing. I just love the Smallville cast so much, they seem really dedicated to it.

The Bennet sisters! Shut up, this movie is like crack for me.

Good night. No work tomorrow, hooray. But then work for four days in a row, phooey.
P.S. I am reading Magic Flutes and it is not bad like I had thought. That dark, dark, independent man is less annoying as a 30 year old I think. If you do not understand what I am referring to, you have obviously never read Eva Ibbotson.


Anonymous said...

great pictures. nice turtle neck Sawyer. Hello Dolly= pure amazement.

Brittany Ann said...

lol Josh Holloway's turtleneck. And OH I love that Star Wars cast photo! Cast photos ARE great...there's nothing quite like seeing what looks like all these characters dressed out-of-character and totally behaving out-of-character.

And Eva Ibbotson is <3.