Friday, January 29, 2010

Tea and Treats

All the books I read are very fond of detailed descriptions of tea and coffee and dessert and nice starched tablecloths.

Hipsters with their piercings and ugly pants came into Moretti today and asked if we had gluten-free bread. I wanted desperately if they were from Soho or something and got lost trying to get to Dumbo. Why in the almighty names of Juno and Tofu were they in Marine Park?
I am so tired I want to die.
Not really. Just until I stop being tired.
I refound this lovely song.


Anonymous said...

And do you sell gluten-free bread? lol, i think i shall name my child tofu.
Great post, it is rather calming.

Sabe said...

Um no, we most definitely do not sell gluten-free bread!

Anonymous said...

lol, i didnt think so! lol people are stupid!

Melissa said...

Gluten-free bread?? You should have said, "Look, just have LETTUCE, ok? I know that's what you really want. Crunchy, green, free-range lettuce."