Monday, January 11, 2010

That New-Fangled Tattooing Thing

I had a dream last night that my sister got a tattoo... so why not post about some tattoos I like? Ta-da.

Don't Panic. I think everyone needs that on their arm.

This one is a gorgeous design. I wouldn't put it on my wrist though.

Birds are always beautiful things.

Imagine is sort of a stupid word I think, but the idea of one little word on your wrist is beautiful.

These are pretty awesome.

Marc Johns tattoo!

One of my favorite quotes/sayings.

Yawn. Last week off from work, back to the good old bread-selling swing of things next Monday. Today I have wayyy too much school. Actually this whole week will be awful.
And poor Scully has cancer now. This show is depressing.


Liza Q said...

Never Again.

Sabe said...

Yeah, suddenly I'm not all that into psychotic rye tattoos....