Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OMG!picspams!: Strange strangers, strange land.

So, the Smallville ones were seriously fun to do, and the X-Files is always amusing (when Scully's not dying of brain cancer), but if there is one show out there that is funnest to pick fun at, it's LOST. Not that I don't love you dear, but you're pretty redonkulous at times. Today I am picspamming what I like to refer to as The Worst Episode Ever. And by that, I really mean, The Funniest Episode Ever.
*If You Have Seen This Episode It Is About Ten Thousand Times Funnier*

"Dude, you're seriously sexy."

"Yeah... makes my life hard."

"Life sucks."

"This, my friend, is a fact."

"You're sexy."

"You got that right. It makes life pretty hard for me."

"Why am I in this cage? You let Kate and Sawyer go."

"Because you're not sexy, duh. Only sexy people go free."

"I wanna name [censored] stars with you. 'Kay?"

"Um. I don't not sorta love you too. Good grief, what have I gotten myself into? "

"The Others are mad at me cause I made you a cheeseburger. They're gonna punish me. And you're kinda cute."

"She loves me!"

"Hold up Jack... I don't get it. This flashback has nothing to do with how much your dad hates you."

"This episode is really funny, cause I make you think I'm someone really important whose every word may be crucial to the PLOT, but honesty, I have about six minutes of screen time. Joke's on you babe."

"Gosh, I can't wait to get out of this stupid third season and on to the good stuff."

"Hey Sawyer, your girlfriend is scaring me."

"Remember me? Yup, see? Remember? Okay, you can forget now."

"Already forgetting."

"Hey Sawyer... you're even pretty when you sleep."

"I have this weird feeling this is the only important scene in the episode."

"Tell me Bi Ling. Tell me what my tattoo means. It is the answer to the great mystery of the show! The ABC promos said so! TELLL MEEE!"

Add Image"I don't know! *sobbing* Damon wouldn't tell me!"

"I don't get it Freckles. Only yesterday we were happy as pie, and now we're fighting."

"I know honey, this makes no sense."

"Thank the great polar bear this is over. Maybe next season I'll actually have a plot-line."

Well, that's about it folks. Until next time, this has been, OMG!picspams!: LOST edition.


Anonymous said...


<3 this SOOOOOOO much!! It was the best! he Bomb! The most Mad Awesome! And i have to agree, season 3 was the worst season EVER!! it was so lame, yet you have to watch it! :D
I wished you watched Bones so you can make a picspam for that. I tried looking for screen pics but couldnt find enough of one episode. Where do you get yours?

Sabe said...

X-Files: XF_caps
Smallville: The blood and sweat of my own brow.

And glad you liked it, obviously you liked it best cause you knew what was happening, lol.

Brittany Ann said...

LOL this is amazing!! So TRUE about all those uneccessary parts-- the Thai Girl and that stupid tattoo, that weird old lady who seemed so important, and the stupid flight attendant who becomes an Other--oh gosh. That episode was BIZARRE. I did love the 3rd season though--it was 4th that was dragged and confused me. But ahh...LOST...we all will still keep watching it to the end.

Great post! haha

Sabe said...

I ~loved~ the third season, until Not In Portland. After that one it went downhill, cause then it was all like, Desmond seeing unexplained future and stupid boat people.