Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Deader The Actors, the Better the Film.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother watching modern movies, when the old ones are so darn good. Here are a few of my favorite old movies, that I haven't already posted about, with no rhyme of reason. Maybe it's because the people were prettier then. Maybe it's because the plots felt more original 60 years ago.

Rebel Without a Cause. 1955. One of my favorite movies, it was just so heartbreaking. Natalie and James were amazing. Sal Mineo was amazing, the whole movie was amazing.

Rear Window. 1954. Alfred Hitchcock was pretty much the coolest dude ever, and Rear Window is pretty much the coolest movie ever. It's just so scary.

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. 1948. This is my mom's like all-time-most-favorite movie. It's just so crazy and beautiful, and leaves you wanting a dream house.

For Me and My Gal. 1942. There's tons of singing and dancing, but also lots of romance and war and drama. The best of both worlds, plus Gene.

His Girl Friday. 1940. One of the most fast-paced movies I've ever seen, it was terribly exciting. All about reporters, romance and crime.

No, seriously though. These movies are all most magnificent.

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