Thursday, January 21, 2010

Potato, Pahtahtoe.

FOOD BABY FOOD. And what is the most important food group, beside beef? The Humble Potato. They are simply heaven-sent. No other pseudo-veggie can even try to live up to the standers potatoes set. They strut their stuff, making other foods jealous. And you can do like 15 things to a potato, they are versatile like that.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes.

Potato Cheese Soup.

Broiled Herby Potatoes.

French Fries.

Potato Pancakes.

Fried Breakfast Potatoes.

Bakes Potato With Sour Cream.

A few comments on Redux II:
Oh Mulder, what would you do without her? If Cancer Man is really both Mulder and Samantha's dad, then Mulder's mum is one stupid woman. And that better have been the real Samantha. Poor girl. Mulder is an uncle! It was honestly depressing how Cancer Man wanted to save Mulder and Scully. He loves them. And then goes and kills their relatives, but secretly, he loves them!
Holly is a cutie. I feel bad for Bill, alt
hough he could be a bit nicer to her. Skinner totally knew Scully was lying when she said Mulder was dead. Can't fool Skinner.


Anonymous said...

YUM!!! i LOVE potatoes. They are like the best things ever! I WANT that potato soup!

Sabe said...

we went to rachee's on monday and made potato broccoli bacon cheddar soup in a crock pot, and it was probably the best thing we've ever made.

Anonymous said...

you are literally making my mouth water! YUM!!