Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Week.

One week. Seven day.

No, but seriously. It's been such a freakin' long hiatus, I forgot it would ever end. I've been looking at this poster for months, but I suddenly realized- Feb 2? I'm not ready.

I've been watching so many X-Files this year, I need to somehow get Black Oil and Hybrids and Samantha Clones and Scully And Mulder out of my head...

And get Smoke Monster, Black Rocks, Taller Ghost Walt and Desmond And Penny back in my head.

I forgot how to think in LOST language. But it's almost time to get LOST again! We're going BAAAAAACK!!!!

And this show is going out with a bang. That much is sure. No matter how much you or I might have hated last season, it doesn't matter anymore if Juliet is really dead or if they're resetting time, or if Kate and Sawyer are going to shack up again or if Locke was always that dude wearing black.
You know what?

LOST was the first show I ever watched. I was 12 when I started watching. It was the first television show I'd ever watched real time, on tv, every Wednesday. Remember the good old days of season 1? Oh, the innocence.

So what if in the following 4 years I had a fling with Terminator, Doctor Who became my best friend, I loved and lost Life, used Smallville as rebound-guy and eventually found my soulmate in The X-Files?

LOST was my first crush. And I think things are better now that I'm not in love with it any more. Now I can sit back, wish it well, and enjoy the ride. Because it will End Awesome. Maybe not how you wanted, but even when this show sucked, was it ever Not Awesome?

It's the last season premiere ever. EVER. Let's just love it and enjoy it while it lasts. Lets drain this moment to the lees, get on the Internet, get involved, make bigger charts and more complex data sheet, decorate more cakes and type up even more possibly imperative quotes- lets HAVE FUN.

Peace out.


Anonymous said...

Love it. Lost is the best show on Television. It is what really turned me on Sci-fi.And i am with you, WHO CARES who gets together and who doesn't. As long as the show ends good (and good is relevant).

Brittany Ann said...

So am I going to have to avoid your blog if it gets too spoiler-heavy? I still have to finish season 5!! Oh well. I secretly like spoilers.

And as for KatexSawyer, KatexJack, JackxJuliet, SawyerXJuliet--I'm just waiting for JackxSawyer and KatexJuliet. THEY MIGHT AS WELL. lol jk jk

Sabe said...

Actually, I've always held a spot in my heart for the Jack/Sawyer bromance. It never got very far though, lol!

Brittany Ann said...

Ah, me too. It kind of began then died down very quickly. *sigh* but the short-lived DesmondxCharlie bromance was pretty adorable too. :'(