Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lost love, found love and love on LOST

Well, 26 days till LOST comes back. And there is no way I'm going to be able to re-watch the whole show before then. I am (the shame, the shame) not even done re-watching the first season. Obviously I prefer spending my free time watching Wizards of Waverly Place then what I claimed to be my favorite tv show eveah. Anyway, I saw this picspam yesterday of all the reasoned to love LOST, and the #1 reason was "Lost's Many Complicated Relationships." And I was like, no, eww, no way! That's the reason I hate this show! But actually, some of them are very nice, I just think they take up too much time. Here's a top-of-my-head rundown.

Jack and Kate
I was never a fan, but after last season I was even less of a fan. His whole drink the pain away in front of our "son" thing disgusted me.

Sawyer and Kate
Oh good gravy. Five seasons later when everyone's jumped off the Skate bandwagon due to pure exhaustion, I'm still there. They worked well together. Is a functioning relationship where no one cries too much to ask? Obviously.

Juliet and Jack
I like this? Don't kill me, I really want it back. Juliet could handle Jack and Jack didn't have to pretend to be someone else around her. It worked.

Sawyer and Juliet
As my friend so aptly put it, this made her want to, "vomit puppies and rainbow." Maybe they could have pulled it off if we got to see their relationship develop, but what bugs me most about this is how LOST seems incapable of promoting a nice platonic friendship.

Jack and Sawyer and Anna Lucia
This made no sense, thank tptb that she'd dead. Definitely my least favorite part of Season 2. (Enjoy a badly made manip replacing Kate's head with Ana.)

Sayid and Nadia
They're supposed to be like Desmond and Penny I think, but it's just not believable.

Sayid and Shannon
I would have liked this a lot more if it had any redeeming value to the PLOT. It took up way too much time and went nowhere.

Charlie and Claire
This was cute, but really weird, because after Charlie dies Claire lives in Othersville like nothing happened at all and then two seconds later disappears, never to be seen again. Um.

Sun and Jin
Their relationship is a good one for the show. It's self contained. It's sweet. I like learning more about them. Right on.

Penny and Desmond
The only romance on this show that I am 100% behind. They are actually
committed to each other! Whudoyaknow? Also, they've got themselves an adorable baby.

Charlotte and Daniel
They were adorable, but totally unnecessary. They're both dead now, so what of it? Image is not pervvy in context.

Eloise and Widmore
For the plot, this relationship is necessary. Actually I wish they could have spent
more time on them, the dynamic is fascinating.

I think this is why shows like Life have stolen away the top spot in my heart. Shows about
love as opposed to lurveee. Lost probably has more making out in an episode then The X-Files has in a season.
Of course, this is leaving out everyone's 7 or 8 flames from before the island. But did I forget anyone? Do I hate your favorite ship? Then comment! Come out of the woodwork for a good old-fashioned flamewar!


Liza Q said...

Hahahaha!!!! And yes - love is always preferable to lurrvee!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I really was behind Sayid/Nadia and surprised when he ditched her for Shannon. Twice. On the island and then in the afterlife. (Though, as a sidebar, what episode is that pic of Sayid and Shannon from? I can’t seem to place it.)
Best island couples, though, in my opinion:
1. Rose and Bernard – Loyalty to each other and the common sense to get out of the action.
2. Desmond and Penny – They’re in it for the long haul.
3. Sun and Jin – So tragic how they fall back in love and then spend the rest of the show looking for each other.