Sunday, January 3, 2010

In Which He Gets His Reward

Which is more like inflicting pain upon himself if you ask me. Rest in peace David Tennant and company, you were seriously awesome. So, the Doctor, saying one last goodbye to his "children."

Mickey and Martha. This was unexpected, but really adorable. The Doctor and Rose pretty much ruined their lives, you know? They were like the rejects, but now they're HAPPY. I hope.

Luke and Sarah Jane. Poor lady... all the times the Doctor has said goodbye to her.

Captain Jack. Oh Jack, even when heartbroken you could charm the socks off anyone you please. Maybe he'll miss the Doctor more then anyone else...

Verity Newman. This was unexpected, and just so heartbreaking. It's like he was visiting them in order of importance, so I guess he really loved poor Joan.

Donna and Wilf. So I guess you could say Donna settled, but I think she'll be happy. I was sad she couldn't remember, but it was realistic too. The Doctor ruins all his companions eventually.

Rose. It's depressing how much he loves her. Three years later, he still talks about her. But he got his "closure" I hope.

And then he died. And he'll never love any of them the same way again.

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Anonymous said...

I cried my eyes out the last 20 minutes! I am very glad for Martha and Micky, they deserved a little happiness. Captian Jack is just to adorable for words. I Loved the way he visited Vertiy Newman, he really did love her. and Rose. Dear, Dear Rose. He loved her so dearly.
I shall miss Doctor 10.